Former President Bill Clinton is coming to Charleston today to campaign for his wife.

While most of his stops appear to have limited access, the public may get a glimpse when he drops by the City Market around 4 p.m. He also will visit MUSC Children's Hospital and the graduate chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha.

The trip comes a day before Sen. Hillary Clinton's main rival, Sen. Barack Obama, brings Oprah Winfrey to Columbia.

Clinton campaigned here for his wife just three weeks ago, and he is scheduled to return in mid- December for a dinner in Columbia honoring Dick Riley, his former education secretary and a former South Carolina governor.

That event also is designed to raise money to continue his political work inside the Democratic Party, Phil Noble of the S.C. New Democrats said. "We as a state have never said to this guy, 'Thank you for all you've done for this state and this country,' " he said.

The New Democrats group began life more than two decades ago as the S.C. Democratic Leadership Council. Riley founded that group with state Sen. Isadore Laurie. It was an affiliate of the national Democratic Leadership Council, which served as the political springboard for Clinton's 1992 presidential win.

The Riley tribute will begin at 6 p.m. Dec. 17 at the Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center.

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