An attorney for the alleged sexual abuse victim of Louis “Skip” ReVille at a Citadel summer camp will hold a press conference today at 3:30 p.m.

The conference is scheduled 30 minutes before The Citadel has called a press conference for 4 p.m. to discuss ReVille, a former cadet and camp counselor who faces multiple child molestation charges.

Citadel President John Rosa is expected to address the media during 4 p.m. event, which will be held at the school.

Prior to Rosa’s appearance, attorney Mullins McLeod will release details of the Citadel’s sexual abuse report from 2007 at the Citadel Alumni Center, 69 Hagood Ave.

McLeod said he will discuss details of his client reportedly being sexually abused by ReVille and what he said is the Citadel’s reluctance to come forward with the details about what they knew and when they knew it.

“The victim and his family came forward in 2007 and met with the Citadel and their attorney to give a detailed 169-page statement,” McLeod said in a statement. “The victim and his family asked the Citadel for one thing: ‘Stop Skip ReVille from molesting any more children.’ ”

The family wanted to make sure no other families would have to suffer what they had endured since the molestation occurred, McLeod’s statement also said. Following the report, the family believed the Citadel would report the abuse to authorities in order to protect future victims, he said.

The family, who no longer lives in the Charleston area, has been shocked in recent weeks to learn that the Citadel did not report the abuse and that Skip ReVille continued coaching and teaching the children of our community, McLeod said.

“Because the family wants the truth to be told, they have asked me to make the 169-page statement available once we have produced a redacted copy,” McLeod said.

Officials would not reveal what Rosa intends to say, but his address follows an emergency meeting of the school’s board of visitors to discuss legal issues. The board huddled behind closed doors for more than an hour today.

The Post and Courier has pushed the military college to release documents pertaining to a investigation it conducted into a 2007 complaint by a boy who attended the school’s summer camp.

Saturday, the school revealed that the camper told Citadel officials that ReVille watched pornography and masturbated with him and another boy during a camp session in 2002.

The camper, who was 14 at the time, said the incident occurred in ReVille’s room and they watched porn on his computer. They did not touch each other but did masturbate, school officials have said.