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Thomas Novelly reports on crime, growth and development as well as military issues in Berkeley and Dorchester counties. Previously, he was a reporter at the Courier Journal in Louisville, Kentucky. He is a fan of Southern rock, bourbon and horse racing.

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The U.S. Air Force may allow plane mechanics to wear shorts at some of the more humid bases across the country, including Joint Base Charleston. But the design of the shorts, a style less like "Top Gun" and more like middle-aged Dad at a neighborhood cookout, have caused Airmen to react poorly to the idea online.

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Video from a neighboring home shows a man and a woman confronting a group of men on bikes in the middle of the street. One man in a dark shirt, jeans and white sneakers pulls a gun from his waistband and aims it at the man and woman. Blocked by the view of the truck, shots ring out toward the man. The suspect then gets on his bicycle and rides off down Hanover Street, shouting obscenities at bystanders. 

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