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Fleming Smith covers breaking news for the Charleston area. A native Georgian, she previously covered breaking news and features for The Wall Street Journal and The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

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Advancements in DNA and other technologies have allowed police to revisit previously unsolvable cold cases, but getting a case through the court system to a conviction has proved a major challenge for even the most seasoned detectives. 

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Homelessness is a big problem in Berkeley County, advocates say, but the county has few resources to help those afflicted. Part of the problem is how little data they have on the size of the issue. In 2019, statewide counts reported no information on the county's homeless population, saying they'd only been able to identify one or two individuals.

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If you consider yourself a law-abiding citizen, you might want to check South Carolina's code of laws again. Despite attempts to repeal some of the state's more outdated laws, many holdouts from the 20th and even 19th century mean you could be breaking the law weekly or nightly — though without any real consequences.

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