Understand SC Mark Sanford

In this week's episode, we discuss Mark Sanford's potential presidential run and his history in South Carolina. 

Exactly one week ago, Post and Courier reporter Caitlin Byrd broke news that former S.C. governor and congressman Mark Sanford will take the next month to decide if he will officially run against President Donald Trump. 

If he does run, he would run as a Republican. 

Readers (including myself) had a LOT of thoughts and questions about this news: 

  • How unusual is it for a prominent politician of the same party to run against the current president?
  • Does Mark Sanford actually want to be president? What are some potential other goals with this move? 
  • Are any establishment Republicans going to get behind this?
  • Run or not run, win or lose what kind of impact does this news have on 2020 in general? 
  • Historically speaking, what is South Carolina's role in determining the Republican candidate for president? 

In this week's episode we talk through some of these questions with Byrd, who broke the story, as well as talk through all the many ways Sanford has made headlines before. 

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