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In this episode, Brooks and Emory are reportedly both a little hungry. That has nothing to do with this week's topic, though. This week, we're digging into the University of South Carolina's recent (and controversial) search for a new university president.

As the head of the largest university in the state, USC's president is one of South Carolina's most important public figures, overseeing not only everything at the main campus in Columbia but also at USC's other campuses. Robert L. Caslen was among the 4 finalists for the position, and after a tumultuous process, he ended up getting the job.

So, what about this situation caused such a stir? Some students and faculty were up in arms with the decision to appoint Caslen for a few reasons, one of them being that he lacks a doctorate. Another is that some folks took issue with remarks he made during a visit to USC. Some continued to speak up about their dissatisfaction after he was officially given the role.

Reporter Andy Shain joins us all the way from 'Lumbia (as Brooks calls it) to break it down further and walk us through what went on with this process, why it was so controversial and what it means for USC going forward. Listen to the latest episode to learn all about this situation. 

(Also, we hope our hosts went and got a snack after this.)

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