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South Carolina is the First in the South when it comes to primaries. Hands up if you don’t know why that is (honestly, I didn’t before I started researching this, and it’s pretty interesting). This week on Understand SC, we dig into and explain that topic and more with the goal of understanding a recent election-based controversy.

Last week, our political reporter Caitlin Byrd broke the story that the South Carolina Republican Party was being sued by two Republicans, one of them being former S.C. Congressman Bob Inglis. Why? Because the State Executive Committee decided to cancel the Republican primary, and some folks weren’t happy about that. Even though it seems pretty cut and dry that Trump is going to land the nomination, Republican voters don’t want their political voices to be silenced.

Why are primaries so important in South Carolina? And how could this situation end up shaking out for S.C. Republicans and the party as a whole? Brooks and Emory sat down with Caitlin and Political Editor Schuyler Kropf to discuss the lawsuit and the effect this situation could have on a larger political issue — the 2020 election.

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