The blockbuster Broadway musical “Les Miserables” is coming to the North Charleston Performing Arts Center on Oct. 16 for a six-day run. The show, about redemption and revolution, is beloved by fans around the world for its characters Jean Valjean, Fantine and Cosette, and for its songs you want to sing along to. So it seems an appropriate time to do trivia about Broadway musicals. Our current Head2Head trivia champion is Evan Carpenter, and his challenger is Corrie Price who works as a sales associate.


1. Which original cast member of “Wicked” made her Broadway debut in “Rent?”

2. What musical was based on George Bernard Shaw’s play “Pygmalion?”

3. What was the longest running musical on Broadway when it closed in 2000?

4. What musical is the song “All That Jazz” from?

5. Lea Michele of “Glee” originated a role in which Broadway musical scored by Duncan Sheik?

6. Which musical is based on T.H. White’s book “The Once and Future King?”

7. The song “The Music of the Night” is from which musical?

8. What singer/songwriter legend do the musicals “Billy Elliot,” “Aida” and “The Lion King” have in common?

9. What character sings the song “You’ll Be Back” in the musical “Hamilton?”

10. Which Broadway musical includes the song “I Dreamed a Dream?”

Evan’s answers

1. The brunette one.

2. "My Fair Lady."

3. I think it might have been "Cats."

4. "Chicago."

5. "Wicked" is the only one I can think of.

6. "Camelot."

7. "Phantom of the Opera."

8. Elton John.

9. King George.

10. I know this from the movie. "Les Miserables."

Corrie's answers

1. Idina Menzel.

2. "My Fair Lady."

3. "Phantom of the Opera."

4. Chicago.

5. I know she was in "Les Miz," but I’m not sure if she originated the role.

6. "Camelot."

7. "Phantom" again.

8. When I saw "The Lion King," I knew it was Elton John.

9. The King.

10. "Les Miz."


This week’s Head2Head trivia ends in a tie between Carpenter and Price. Both will return next week in a tie-breaker to determine who continues on as the Head2Head trivia champ.

Correct answers

1. Idina Menzel.

2. "My Fair Lady."

3. "Cats."

4. "Chicago."

5. "Spring Awakening."

6. "Camelot."

7. "The Phantom of the Opera."

8. Elton John.

9. King George III.

10. "Les Miserables."