Week 45

(All weights in pounds and ounces)


Barracuda G 28-14 Rick Savin

Blackfish UL 3-15 Susan Simonin

Bluefish G 11-3 Joel Osborne

Bluefish UL 11-4 Steve Joy

Cobia G 51-2 Alex Michaels

Cobia L 53-5 Brad Burnett

Dolphin G 57-0 Josh White

Flounder L 6-8 Jason Edgerton

Flounder UL 6-0 Patricia Votava

Grouper G 54-4 James Lasher

Ladyfish L 4-4 Bill Jones

Ladyfish UL 4-7 Bill Jones

King mackerel L 38-8 Joe Davis

Spanish mackerel G 6-1 Jimbo Smoak

Spanish mackerel L 6-14 Bill Jones

Spanish mackerel UL 7-1 Bill Jones

Pompano L 2-8 Rob Crawford

Pompano UL 4-4 Bill Jones

Sheepshead L 10-6 Gerald Grenier

Snapper G 23-0 Joseph Smith

Snapper L 18-12 Michael Sharpton

Snapper UL 18-15 Bill Sarvis

Spadefish G 7-11 Chip Sandifer

Spadefish L 8-0 Drew Werner

Spadefish UL 6-2 Chip Sandifer

Swordfish G 532-0 Bobby Streisel

Triggerfish L 8-8 Duane Sisson

Tripletail G 12-6 Larry Kohler

Tripletail L 4-4 Dylan James

Tripletail UL 5-12 Jeffery Pierce

Tripletail FR 2-8 Chris LaFrancois

Trout L 6-9 Bill Jones

Tuna G 34-0 Brad Kicklighter

Wahoo G 104-8 Shane Overby

Whiting L 1-0 Gordon Murray

Whiting UL 1-8 Mark Thawley

Saltwater Tackle Categories

General – Over 20-pound test line; Light – Over 8-pound through 20-pound test line; Ultralight – 8-pound test and under. Flyrod – 20-pound tippet or less.


Largemouth bass L 6-8 Patrick Smith

Largemouth bass UL 5-6 Patrick Smith

Bream-all others G 1-0 Nancy Cunningham

Bream-all others L 1-8 Hunter Williams

Bream-all others UL 1-6 Jerry McCabe

Catfish G 84-10 Paul Daniels

Catfish L 28-8 Joe Willcutt

Crappie UL 1-6 Buck Haulbrooks

Shellcracker UL 1-4 Neal Davis

Striped bass UL 11-10 Lonnie East III

Freshwater Tackle Categories

General – Over 14-pound test line; Light – Over 8-pound through 14-pound test line; Ultralight – 8-pound test and under; Flyrod – 20-pound test tippet or less.

Catch and release

Jason Schall 4610

Russ Perkins 3030

Daryl Johnson 1690

Lewis Lee 1260

Don Myers 1240

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