Three-year-old girl dies from self-inflicted gunshot

Dorchester County Sheriff's personnel outside the home at Meadow Run Dr. in Knightsville.

KNIGHTSVILLE – A three-year-old girl died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head this morning after she found the family's loaded handgun in her parents' bedroom.

India Grant was pronounced dead at the scene inside her parents' home at 101 Meadow Run Dr., Dorchester County Coroner Chris Nisbet said.

Nisbet said the little girl had just finished going to the bathroom with her mother's help when she started to cross the master bedroom toward the den and spotted the large-caliber firearm sitting on the windowsill.

Her mother, thinking the child went to the den, was still inside the bathroom closet, he said.

Deputies responded to the house about 10:45 a.m and found the girl's body.

Capt. James Nettles said they're still investigating.

"We don't expect any foul play, but of course we're investigating every avenue to find out exactly what happened," said Capt. James Nettles.

Deputies used a large umbrella to shield two family members as they were ushered from the house to a waiting car. Shortly after, an official carried a tiny body wrapped in a sheet out of the house and into an SUV.

Theo and Lisa Dolansky's 9-year-old son has been over to play at the cream-colored, single-story house down the street many times, but they had no idea that the family might have kept an unsecured gun in the house.

The Dolanskys stood in front of their own home hours later, still shocked by the idea that the family, who they described as “good people”, would have an unsecured firearm inside the house.

Their son, Eric, goes over to the house all the time because he is best friend's with the little girl's older brother.

The Dolanskys said the parents are very involved in their children's lives. “They have very respectful children,” Lisa Dolansky said. “They discipline them properly.”

“I just feel so bad for that family right now,” Theo Dolansky said. “That poor family is in for a world of hurt.”

Their sons hang out at the bus stop together and played together often, even though they attended different school. Almost on cue, Eric's bus appeared down the street.

“How am I going to explain this to Eric?” Theo Dolansky said.