SUMMERVILLE —Some rubber-hungry thieves plucked a brand new set of tires off a Dorchester County sheriff’s cruiser Monday night and left the car sitting on cinderblocks.

Deputies left the new cruiser at Mr. Sign on East 5th North Street so workers could detail the car with badges and other law enforcement markings. Apparently, it proved too tempting a target sitting in the lot overnight, Sheriff’s Maj. John Garrison said.

When shop manager Jamie Lucarelli arrived at work Tuesday morning at 7:30, he found the cruiser sitting on cement blocks the thieves had brought with them. “They jacked it up, grabbed the wheels and took off,” Lucarelli said. “They were brave.”

He says that because Mr. Sign is located in a well-lit, highly traveled area. The risk must have been worth the radial reward, valued at $1,600.

Investigators aren’t sure if the thieves wanted the wheels for their own ride or if they plan on selling them for cash. For now, there are no suspects.

This is the second time in a year that the Dorchester County Sheriff’s Office has been victimized by bandits. Last December, thieves cut through the fence at the agency’s evidence compound and hauled off 225 pounds of copper wiring recovered from previous thefts.

“It just shows nobody is immune,” Garrison said. “If they’ll take it from us, they’ll take it from anybody.”