South Carolina has more than a quarter-billion dollars available to help struggling homeowners pay their mortgages, but the state's Housing Finance and Development Authority says some lenders are declining to accept the money.

"Most of the largest lenders, and a lot of small, local or regional banks and credit unions, have stepped up and put systems in place to help their borrowers to stay in their homes using funds from SC HELP," said Clayton Ingram, director of marketing and communications for the authority.

"Some, though, have refused," he said. "Nothing is more heartbreaking to us than to be able to qualify a homeowner for help, only to have that help declined by the lender."

The SC HELP program provides money to make delinquent loans current, assistance with monthly mortgage payments for up to two years, and if a mortgage can't be salvaged there's money to help with moving to a rental property. The U.S. Treasury funding, up to $36,000 per person, is treated as a zero-percent-interest loan that's forgiven over a 5-year period if the recipient stays in their home.

For more information on SC HELP visit or call 855-435-7472.


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