Presidential hopeful John Edwards dropped by The Haven on George Street Thursday to pose for photos and press the flesh with about 100 supporters, and he brought singer and activist Harry Belafonte for a celebrity boost.

The two later visited a party for Charleston County Democratic Women at the College of Charleston.

Edwards worked his way through the cramped restaurant and talked with reporters. Asked whether he agreed with Belafonte's 2006 characterization of President Bush as "the greatest terrorist in the world," Edwards said he would not say that.

"I speak for myself as a candidate, as all candidates do," he said. "I'm proud to have Harry Belafonte with me. He has campaigned for John Kennedy and Robert Kennedy and has a long history of supporting important candidates and important causes."

Libby Smith of James Island showed up at The Haven because Edwards is her choice in the state's Jan. 26 Democratic primary.

"I think he's a very electable candidate and the only candidate putting an emphasis on getting the government back from corporate interests," she said.

Edwards said he doesn't think voters will tune in to the election in force until after New Year's. "I think most Americans are worried about the holidays and Christmas."

He began the day in Seneca and Walhalla, where he told about 900 high school students that Bush's plan to help homeowners with mortgage payments doesn't go far enough and he would freeze interest rates for seven years.