The investigation into the misdeeds of admitted child molester Louis “Skip” ReVille has now spread to Summerville.

Summerville police confirmed today they are trying to track down a number of victims identified by ReVille in his statements to investigators.

Capt. Jon Rogers didn’t have a firm count on the number of victims, but he said there are “several” who were reportedly molested by ReVille, who lived in Summerville at one point. The victims appear to have been underage boys, he said.

ReVille, 32, has been naming victims and providing details of his crimes since his arrest in Mount Pleasant on Oct. 28, authorities have said. The former coach, teacher and Bible study leader had access to hundreds of children throughout the region through his work over the past decade.

Rogers said Summerville police learned in the past week of potential victims in their town. They are still early in their investigation and he cautioned that it could take some time to track down those involved and determine if they want to pursue charges. At this point, no arrest warrants have been issued for ReVille in Summerville, he said.

ReVille wants to continue cooperating with investigators and has no plans to seek a trial to refute the numerous sexual abuse charges filed against him, his attorney said today.

ReVille appeared in bond court this morning on six new counts related to four boys between the ages of 12 and 15 in Mount Pleasant. He previously had been charged with molesting five other boys in that town.

Magistrate Judge Linda Lombard set his bail at $400,000 on the new charges, bringing his total bail to about $1.4 million.

Hanahan police have indicated that they plan to charge ReVille with molesting five boys in their community. Charleston police and the State Law Enforcement Division are also investigating whether any sexual abuse occurred at The Citadel, where ReVille supervised boys in a summer camp.

His attorney Craig Jones said ReVille is “extremely sorrowful” and feels ashamed of his actions. He remains strong and is determined to do whatever he can to lessen the impact on the victims.

Jones said ReVille is meeting with investigators a couple of times every week and that the majority of names that have surfaced in the case are coming from him.

“He is resolute in wanting to do whatever he can to cooperate in this case,” Jones said. “He is extremely sorry for what he has done.”

Jones had no time table for when the case might wrap up, but he does not anticipate any trial. He said ReVille does not want to put his victims through the ordeal of a trial or having to testify.