SUMMERVILLE — The change of guard took place right where tradition would want in this historic town, the door to Eva’s Restaurant.

Mayor Elect Bill Collins walked into the six-decade-old Hutchinson Square institution this morning just as Mayor Berlin Myers walked out. Myers, the iconic leader of Summerville for nearly a half century, has a well-earned reputation for rising early and being prompt. He congratulated his successor and looked at his watch.

“You’re going to be the mayor now,” Myers said. “You’ve got to get in there earlier than 7:15.”

That’s how it started for Collins, 68, the day after he won more than half the votes in a three-way race to replace Myers, 94, who decided not to run again.

From there he began answering messages on a cell phone so overrun with them that as he worked his way down the list new ones would show up from calls made the night before. Most were friends; he joked and laughed as easily as he turned serious when issues were brought up. The calls were relentless and Collins is a gabber and a relentless kidder. This is a man who has fun working.

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