SULLIVAN'S ISLAND -- Pilings on the old pier are so rotted out, some of them no longer reach the water. Holes gape from splintered deck planks. The rail facing Deborah Lofton's dock sags in collapse.

If the quartermaster pier belonged to anyone else, Lofton says, the state would have declared it abandoned and had it repaired or removed. But the pier doesn't belong to just anybody. It belongs to the state. And it's a National Historic Register property.

"I just find it ironic that the state wants people who find abandoned boats to turn (the owners) in, but won't clean up its own property," she said. Lofton has been trying to get the mess fixed for seven years or more. After going around and around with state officials and the town of Sullivan's Island, she contacted The Post and Courier Watchdog to ask for help.

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