The good news is that Matt Hardy announced he’s going to rehab.

The bad news is that he made the announcement shortly after police raided his North Carolina home.

Authorities on Monday seized 20 vials of steroids, one dose of Ecstasy, drug paraphernalia and $1,961 in cash, according to police documents. Hardy was charged with possession with intent to deliver anabolic steroids, possession of Ectsasy, maintaining a dwelling to keep controlled substances and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Two years ago a similar raid was conducted on the home of Hardy’s younger brother Jeff. Hardy pleaded guilty to three felony drug charges in that case and was sentenced to 10 days in jail, fined $100,000 and ordered to serve 30 months of probation.

To say the Hardy Boyz just don’t seem to get it would be a gross understatement.

Give credit, though, to Matt’s girlfriend, Reby Sky (Rebecca Reyes), who made the 911 call, saying she was worried that Hardy was “strung out on pills and needed help.”

“It’s pretty clear that Matt’s been needing help, and the other day he was in a bad way and I called for help,” she told the Busted Open radio show. “At the end of the day I just wanted Matt to get help, I called for Matt to get help, and guess what? He left this morning for WWE-sponsored rehab. He is getting help.”

Hardy, who tuned 37 last week, on Tuesday posted an emotional video on YouTube to announce that he was enrolling in the three-month rehab program.

“I have made the voluntary decision to go to rehab and get myself together,” he says in the video, adding that the last two months have “definitely been the worst months of my career.”

He said he has serious back and pelvic and spinal injuries from pushing his body too far during his wrestling career.

“Due to all these facts, I medicated myself so I could get through the days,” he said in the video, “and it became too much of a problem.”

Hardy’s travails over the past few weeks read more like a police blotter. He was arrested in August and September on DUI charges, and has court dates scheduled for Sept. 28, Sept. 29, Oct. 11 and Nov. 30.

As for a return to the ring, it’s not likely anytime soon, says his girlfriend.

“A full-time wrestling schedule is definitely not in the picture from now on. If you ask him, that’s what he will say led to this whole thing, the full-time wrestling schedule and the toll on his body and the sacrifices he had to make. Not that I am justifying anything he has done, because I am definitely not. I will say it over and over (that) I don’t support what he has done but I will support him in bettering himself.”

-- Ric Flair made a big splash in the Boston media last week when he made a surprise visit Tuesday night to Fenway Park to present Red Sox stars Dustin Pedroia and Josh Reddick with replica TNA title belts. Pedroia and Reddick both own authentic Flair robes that they purchased together off an Ebay auction and keep in the Red Sox locker room.

Flair also threw the first pitch and announced that evening’s lineup.

The Boston Herald reported that Pedroia was rendered speechless when Flair entered the clubhouse.

“Whoo!” Pedroia said, quoting Flair’s signature line.

Flair’s presence, which was arranged by Red Sox management, drew a huge crowd in the clubhouse and loosened things up, despite the Red Sox later falling to the Baltimore Orioles, 7-5.

“Amazing,” Reddick said. “I was laying there on the couch and I saw one of our guys with the camera and I didn’t know what was going on. As soon as I stood up and I saw who it was, I was in shock and I couldn’t move. My knees locked up. What better feeling?”

“Closer Jonathan Papelbon just wanted to shake Flair’s hand. Pedroia looked like a kid on Christmas morning. Reddick tried to don Flair’s TNA championship belt, but couldn’t get it snapped, the Herald reported.

“It’s heavier than I am, I think,” Reddick said. “I weigh 180 pounds, and it’s got its own case. Good God, I’ve had the cheap plastic replica you see above our lockers, but that doesn’t even compare.”

“I knew Dustin was a big fan,” Flair said. “I’d heard that through the grapevine. The players were awesome. They were all so respectful and nice. To think that they’re in the hunt for a World Series spot, to be that gracious was really nice.”

Flair also appeared on the opening for ESPN’s SportsCenter from Fenway.

Unfortunately for the 16-time world champion, an MRI the following day revealed that Flair had suffered a torn triceps stemming from his match with Sting last week on TNA Impact, and that he would need to undergo surgery later this week.

Flair, 62, injured his left arm after landing badly during a superplex.

-- Another 40-year ring veteran, Jerry “The King” Lawler, is probably wondering who was in charge of setting up the gimmicked ringside table that wasn’t last week on Raw.

The table was supposed to be gimmicked so it would easily collapse during a spot where new world champion Mark Henry slammed the 61-year-old Lawler on the ringside furniture. But someone apparently didn’t get the message, and the announcers table withstood the slam with no problem at all.

Lawler, however, wasn’t as lucky, and was taken to a hospital after experiencing lower back problems.

“I’ll respect his privacy but don’t expect to see him in KC for Raw,” Jim Ross posted last week. ““Hope I’m wrong. He’s gonna be sore for days.”

-- Another faux pas that occurred last week on Raw was the mere mention of Vince McMahon’s name during an Alberto Del Rio promo.

McMahon reportedly blew up backstage after his name was mentioned since he plans to return to television soon and did not want his name uttered by anyone.

-- Former TNA Knockout Daffney (Shannon Spruill) pleaded no-contest to driving under the influence with property damage during a recent court appearance in Plant City, Fla.

Upon entering her plea, the judge ordered Spruill to DUI school while placing her on 12 months of probation. She also must pay damages/costs of $1,080. A separate citation of failure to provide proof of insurance was dismissed.

-- Last week’s Raw posted an impressive 3.0 despite going up against stiff competition including Monday Night Football, the Charlie Sheen Roast and the return of CBS’ “Two and a Half Men” sitcom.

The Sheen Roast drew a 3.8 among the 18-49 demographic compared to the 1.6 rating that Raw did in the same demographic.

Raw was No. 3 on cable for the night behind the Sheen Roast on Comedy Central and the Rams-Giants game.

-- Handsome Johnny Barend, a top star during the ‘50s and ‘60s, died of natural causes at the age of 82 Tuesday at his home in Avon. N.Y.

The Rochester native, known for his edgy, outlandish interviews, was one of the most iconic characters from Hawaii’s golden age of professional wrestling in the ‘60s.

“I think Johnny’s bubble shifted to one side somewhere along the way and never came back straight,” Curtis Iaukea told the The Honolulu Advertiser in 2005.

One of his favorite partners was The Magnificent Maurice (Gene Dubuque), with whom he held numerous tag titles, at times under the management of Bobby Davis and Mr. Kleen (aka Ernie Roth/Abdullah Farouk/The Grand Wizard). Barend and Maurice would come to the ring attired in top hats, black capes and colorful trunks. He also shared tag-team belts with other stars such as Buddy Rogers, Billy Robinson, Hans Mortier, Enrique Torres and Ripper Collins.

-- Longtime Georgia Championship Wrestling referee Eddie Smith passed away Thursday at the age of 84.

-- WWE stock hit a new 52-week low on Thursday at $8.67 per share. The price rose slowly before closing at $8.93.

-- Former WWE Diva Lena Yada is scheduled to marry Disturbed lead singer David Draiman today.

-- Old School Championship Wrestling returns with a big show Oct. 16 at the Hanahan Rec Center.

Former WWE star Luke Gallows will square off with Vordell Walker in one of the featured bouts.

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