You probably read about the latest spring football innovation at the University of South Carolina's "Proving Ground" on Bluff Road, the mini-cam attached to the top of quarterback Stephen Garcia's helmet.

Mainly because, "We want to see what the heck he's looking at," head ball coach Steve Spurrier explained.

Napoleon Dynamite's exceptionally non-athletic older brother sang it best.

"I love technology."

Obviously, this trend will catch on in the copycat world of college football, where new ideas move faster than Lane Kiffin.

Helmet Cam, as best applied all around spring football 2010:

Billy Napier's brain

Camera placement: Inside the busy office of Clemson's offensive coordinator.

Theme: How to rebuild an offense after losing C.J. Spiller and Jacoby Ford to the NFL and probably Kyle Parker to the baseball draft.

Likely to see: Lights on long after midnight.

Notre Dame

Camera placement: Aimed at new head coach Brian Kelly's blood pressure monitor.

Theme: This is so not worth the money and free "Rudy" DVD.

Likely to see: The new head coach taking pep-talk phone calls from Lou Holtz.

Bobby Bowden

Camera placement: Where the hammock is tied up to the mango tree.

Theme: Long naps.

Likely to see: Tommy and Terry dropping by to see if Joe Paterno has offered to give back any victories.

SEC headquarters

Camera placement: Anywhere in the accounting department.

Theme: The rich get richer.

Likely to see: "Two words, Mr. Commissioner: Hedge Funds."

ACC headquarters

Camera placement: Anywhere in the accounting department.

Theme: Let's go for it on fourth down.

Likely to see: "So what if the SEC's ESPN deal is worth billions? We can guarantee a sellout at the ACC Championship Game in Charlotte if we get Mike Krzyzewski and Roy Williams to arm wrestle at halftime."

Nick Saban's ego

Camera placement: The other side of the mirror.

Theme: Dominate.

Likely to see: Hair to make a Sandra Bullock character swoon, with the other eye on the progress of Auburn and Arkansas in the SEC West.


Camera placement: Capturing every step Summerville's A.J. Green makes on the Georgia practice field.

Theme: If we can't cover this guy with three defenders in practice, none of our opponents will be able to do it with two.

Likely to see: The Bulldogs come up with 41 ways to get Green the football in any given game while they spend the rest of their spring building a 3-4 defense.

Triple option

Camera placement(s): Three, for the necessary read angles of Georgia Tech's offense.

Theme: It worked against Clemson!

Likely to see: Even better blocking schemes and execution from linemen more familiar with head coach Paul Johnson's throwback attack, as Al Groh settles in as defensive coordinator on the other side of the football.

LSU gumbo

Camera placement: Any bayou swamp will do.

Theme: More or less Miles?

Likely to see: The underrated head coach with one foot in the glow of the 2007 national title, and the other in a nasty boil of crawfish.


Camera placement: Zoomed in on Jacory Harris' sore thumb.

Theme: When our quarterback gets healthy, we can be really good.

Likely to see: Harris getting a lot of TLC from Miami trainers from here to August.

More Garcia

Camera placement: On top of Stephen Garcia's head -- off the field.

Theme: Reality TV, College Quarterback Edition.

Likely to see: What the heck he's looking at.

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