Sapakoff: A Family Circle Cup Topspin Quiz (with football and Kettle Korn)

Martinia Hingis was the No. 1 seed at the 2001 Family Circle Cup. She is playing doubles this year in Charleston. Post and Courier file photo

Family Circle Cup crowds get larger on the weekend, and the tennis gets more serious than John McEnroe on hold. Time for The Topspin Quiz, designed to baffle veteran tennis enthusiasts even while giving racketless people a qualifier’s chance.

Brought to you by green clay, that fun surface that might replace home lawns someday in the warmer future. Try not to double-fault:

1. Who was the top seed at the 2001 Family Circle Cup, the first held in Charleston?

a. Lindsey Davenport

b. Jennifer Capriati

c. Martina Hingis

2. Of the 38 people in the Daniel Island Grille concession line during the Caroline Garcia-Lucie Hradecka match Thursday, how many were women?

a. 38

b. 34

c. 19, plus the tiebreaker: a baby girl in a stroller

3. Defending champion Andrea Petkovic’s father, Zoran, went 18-8 in singles matches for the South Carolina Gamecocks in 1982. What was South Carolina’s football record in 1982?

a. 7-4 with a win over Michigan

b. 4-7 with a loss to Furman

c. 3-6-2 with ties against Virginia Tech and Clemson

4. Who said “It’s not easy to come from hard (surface) to clay, it’s easier to go from clay to hard” on Thursday?

a. German quarterfinalist Angelique Kerber

b. A clerk at Pottery Barn

c. ESPN2 analyst Pam Shriver

5. The 2015 Family Circle winner will receive:

a. $124,000 and a Waterford crystal vase

b. $1.1 million and some Kettle Korn

c. A Daniel Island Grille franchise in Paris

6. The Althea Gibson Club Court at is named for the late, great black tennis pioneer born in which South Carolina town?

a. Camden

b. Holly Hill

c. Silver

7. Madison Keys will face Lauren Davis on Friday in an All-American quarterfinal. Which two players met in an All-American semifinal in 2013?

a. Sloane Stephens and Coco Vandeweghe

b. Serena Williams and Venus Williams

c. Serena Williams and Christina McHale

8. Cliff Drysdale, the dapper former tennis star on site to lead ESPN2 broadcasts, did his usual best to sell Charleston on Thursday with lines like “a visitor’s paradise.” Drysdale is from what country?

a. Australia

b. South Africa

c. Rock Island, Ill.

9. The only back-to-back Family Circle champion since 1995 is:

a. Conchita Martinez

b. Venus Williams

c. Serena Williams

10. The huge poster that goes up alongside Family Circle Stadium several weeks before each tournament shows:

a. The cover of Family Circle Magazine’s annual spring cupcake issue

b. The defending singles champion

c. Anna Kournikova

11. Total number of green clay surfaces on the WTA Tour:

a. 1 – Charleston

b. 2 – Charleston and Bad Gastein

c. 3 – Charleston, Bad Gastein and Guangzhou

12. The record for oldest Family Circle Cup participant is held by:

a. Billie Jean King (44) in 1988

b. Martina Navratilova (48) in 2005

c. Rosie Casals (50) in 1999

Answers: 1. c. (Hingis is playing doubles in Charleston this year), 2. b., 3. b. (the Gamecocks went 4-7 in 1982 in Richard Bell’s only season as head coach), 4. a., 5. a., 6. c. (Silver is in Clarendon County), 7. b., 8. b., 9. c. (Serena Williams won Family Circle Cup titles in 2008, 2012 and 2013), 10. b., 11. a., 12. b.

Scoring: 10-12 correct – Ace (you get your rackets restrung regularly); 7-9 correct – Backhand winner (but upgrade to a new doubles partner); 4-6 – Split set (one word: footwork); 0-3 – Withdraw/injured (maybe next April).

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