It sounds ridiculous, I realize. Almost like saying the NCAA should use a computer poll to pick its basketball champion.

Roy Williams has done underrated work this season in guiding North Carolina to this week's Final Four in Detroit.

Go ahead, laugh. As hard as you did Sunday when Williams slid his way into the hilarious "Guitar Hero" commercial in which he, Mike Krzyzewski, Rick Pitino and Bob Knight spoof the Tom Cruise "Risky Business" sync scene.

The talented Tar Heels during the preseason were a near-unanimous pick to win the 2009 NCAA title. The starting five includes two Atlantic Coast Conference Player of the Year honorees, Ty Lawson and Tyler Hansbrough.

But Williams, a part-time Isle of Palms resident, got to a Final Four semifinal matchup with Villanova despite:

• Losing defensive stopper Marcus Ginyard (foot injury) for all but one game this season.

• Suspending sophomore Will Graves in early February.

• An 0-2 start to the ACC schedule.

• Oklahoma's Blake Griffin.

A Metallica break

Other teams might have fractured. Williams, in that ol' Roy way of his, artfully juggled perspective and persistence.

Even while filming the "Guitar Hero" spot at a Raleigh studio in February. Each coach, and the heavy metal band Metallica, taped parts separately.

"It probably would have been more fun if all four coaches had been there at the same time as opposed to each one of us there individually," Williams said Monday during a conference call with reporters. "But if you had all four of us there at the same time it would have probably taken 30 days to do a 20-second commercial because it would have been so hard to get all of us to do exactly the right thing at one time."

Yeah, you can see the director shouting, "Cut!" after the 435th take, with Williams still smiling. It's hard to rattle the 58-year-old former North Carolina assistant coach from Asheville, among other western North Carolina burgs. He remains focused on winning games while maintaining friendships and loyalties.

That might mean sitting in the Kansas cheering section and sporting a Jayhawks sticker, as Williams did last April during the NCAA championship game two nights after eventual champ Kansas eliminated North Carolina.

Or agreeing to play the College of Charleston in Charleston next season, a favor to good buddy Bobby Cremins.

'A great option'

Williams is honest, too, almost to a fault. He was given a chance Monday to go along with the sweet storyline about Tar Heel players turning down 2008 NBA draft opportunities to come back and win a national title for North Carolina.

Instead, he clarified.

"It sounds cute and it makes for a good story and people are going to write what they want to write," Williams said. "But with Ty, if someone had told him he would have gone in the top 15 picks, he would have gone. If Danny (Green) and Wayne (Ellington) had been convinced they were going to be first-round picks, they would have gone. There were not convinced of that. Ty was not convinced and we had no one come forward to say he was going to be their pick. So they had a great option."

Your office bracket will show Villanova already has eliminated UCLA, Duke and Pittsburgh.

"It's hard to imagine anyone playing any better right now," Williams said.

Yes, but only one of the "Guitar Hero" coaches is in Final Four.

Metallica didn't make it, either.