Less than 24 hours after the polls closed, South Carolina Democrats were trying to break it off with their new Senate nominee. Obviously, they weren't really looking for a long-term relationship.

But Al Greene said no, let's stay together, whether times are good or bad, happy or sad.

Well, times definitely aren't good for the Dems. Greene, their nominee to take on Jim DeMint in November, is facing felony charges, accused of showing porn to a USC freshman.

Who does this guy think he is? Doesn't he know you're supposed to get elected to Congress before you act like that?

But the real question is: Who do the Dems think they are, calling this guy crazy, accusing him of sabotaging the election and demanding his resignation?

After all, they are the idiots who put him on the ballot.

Doesn't add up

Democrats spent much of Thursday trying to spin this story that the GOP -- or someone -- paid Greene's $10,400 filing fee, either to embarrass the party or mess up Vic Rawl's chances to win the nomination.

And that makes perfect sense because DeMint is only presumed to be THE SAFEST INCUMBENT IN THE COUNTRY.

Now admittedly there is something fishy here. Greene, who apparently did not campaign, won all but four counties Tuesday -- many of them with 60-plus percent of the vote.

The argument that folks voted largely along racial lines is kind of nuts. Greene took 74 percent of the vote in Greenwood County, which is two-thirds white, while taking only 52 percent in Orangeburg, a county that is two-thirds black and right next door to his home county. One of the few counties Rawl won, Jasper, is majority black. (And, despite what some would have you believe, neither party is monochromatic.)

If the Dems are looking for someone to blame for this fiasco, they need to look in the mirror. They are the geniuses who took the guy's money (or, perhaps, money that someone gave him) and offered him to voters. Are they that hard up for cash?

More importantly, don't they check these people out? It's not as if they're busy registering all those new voters.

Look at some court records every now and then.

Silver lining?

There is, to be sure, blame to go around. The short-staffed media should have checked him out (see, it's important to support news organizations). And, barring some massive conspiracy, this shows that a lot of people vote without knowing the first thing about the person they are voting for. Hmm, Al Green or Lou Rawls?

But the truth is, the Democrats can't blame anyone else. Even if it was a dirty trick, it exposed a real problem. The state party put its stamp of approval on this guy and then, hilariously, said Wednesday that "We are proud to have nominated a Democratic ticket this year that, with the apparent exception of Mr. Greene, reflects South Carolina's values."

Not exactly batting 1.000, is it?

Maybe instead of calling this guy crazy, the Dems should try to spin this a different way. You know how all these angry tea party people are sick of incumbents and asking for some fresh faces in politics? Well, the Democrats have delivered.

This guy is about as fresh as it gets.