Nothing Trumps the joy of being an early primary state


Donald Trump is without a doubt the greatest presidential candidate in history.

If you don’t believe it, just ask him.

But many folks in the media would probably agree; he does make for great copy. Clinton (any of them), Obama and Bush (any of them) are boring in comparison.

So we were fortunate to have “The Donald” in the Lowcountry on the anniversary of the Day That Will Live in Infamy to announce his plan to ban all Muslims from coming into the country.

Yep, that got us on CNN.

Thank you, Mr. Trump, for dropping that bombshell in a community previously enjoying a reputation as one of the most unified in the country. It gave the national media a chance to broadcast many locals cheering on the idea of quashing religious liberty in the heretofore Land of the Free.

Despite the comments of all those constitutional scholars in the Yorktown parking lot, that’s not who we are.

You know, most candidates just paint the corners when it comes to stoking the fears and lynch-mob mentality of low-information voters. Trump burns it down the middle, and it is refreshing.

Why beat around the bush when you can just beat Bush?

State Republican Party leaders rushed to condemn his statements, of course, and Trump supporters will accuse them of being politically correct. Maybe they’re right. But those party guys aren’t stupid — they know there’s a very low ceiling for that kind of rhetoric.

And Trump’s hair is brushing up against it.

Trump fans have been sending a lot of emails in here lately, and those notes sum up his appeal quite eloquently.

These folks claim a museum dedicated to one race (the African-American Museum) will divide the community, yet see no problem with spending $5 million to renovate a museum to house a Confederate flag.

They are quick to point out the terrorist attacks in Paris and California were carried out by religious zealots, but are silent when a nut of a different faith (from the Lowcountry, no less) kills people in Colorado. Or here.

They complain about the country’s debt, yet cheer on Trump’s idea of another full-scale war all over the world (which is how we got in debt in the first place; it wasn’t food stamps).

Frankly, Trump has given these people a role model. But you’d figure if they reached back to the 1980s for a hero, they’d go with Reagan instead of casino-mogul Biff from Back to the Future II.

While condemning elite arrogance, Trump and his supporters routinely call people losers, make fun of their disabilities — but get deeply offended if anyone dares to criticize them or their views.

Or suggest that all of this may be just a tad racist.

No, ask Trump supporters why they like him and they say, to a one, “He tells it like it is.”

Yes, he is showing exactly how it is for some folks.

It might be time for South Carolina to drop its first-in-the-South primary pole position. This is fun and all, but it’s bad for business.

When we show up on CNN reacting to a call to abandon the First Amendment with enthusiastic applause, well, we might not be ready for prime time.

And we might scare off the next Boeing.

Yes, terrorism is a serious threat. And much more of it comes from inside than out — so why no outrage there? The Second Amendment is sacrosanct, but we can dump the First Amendment in a second?

South Carolina’s GOP broke from the mainstream in 2012, when voters ended the state’s long streak of correctly predicting the Republican presidential nominee. Now we show up roaring at approval with a plan to shred the Constitution.

At least we might take back the title of craziest state from Texas now. So way to go, S.C.

You have to hand it to Trump, he knows what a certain segment of the population wants to hear — a lot of bluster, with very little in the way of troublesome details (because what he proposes is impossible). But despite what he says, it’s not the media trying to bring him down. It’s the Republican Party.

They realize that banning legal immigrants and tourists from the United States based on their religion is just one step away from rounding up all people of one faith and herding them into camps.

And that is not a winning message. Not in this nation, or this century. It’s a sure-fire way to hand the White House to the Democrats.

But it is great entertainment. In fact, somebody ought to give that Trump guy a TV show — just not in South Carolina.

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