It's no surprise that some Citadel alumni have called for Lt. Gen. John Rosa to resign.

After all, it is a very military concept: the commanding officer is ultimately responsible for the action of his troops.

They want someone to pay for The Citadel's failure to report a sexual predator to police. This goes against everything the college drills into their heads for four years: Honor. Duty. Respect.

None of those describe the school's handling of the Louis "Skip" ReVille case.

In 2007, the college was contacted by the family of a child who had attended Citadel summer camp five years earlier. The boy, 14 at the time, said that ReVille, a camp counselor (and recent graduate), had lured several boys back to his room to watch porn and take part in some pretty sick sexual activity.

The Citadel looked into it, ReVille denied it and other children alleged to have been involved didn't talk. No one called the police, and it got dropped. ReVille went on to prey on kids all across the metro area. Someone should pay for that.

The question is: who?

Firing not the answer

There is no unanimity among those who wear the ring.

For all those folks who want Rosa gone, just as many say the members of the Board of Visitors should go -- after all, they really run the school.

Buck Limehouse brings a unique perspective. He's an alumnus and was a member of the Board of Visitors from 2004 to 2007, when he left for the DOT.

"The staff, in its zeal to protect the school, minimized the situation, and did more to protect the institution than the victim," Limehouse says. "I think the focus should be on the victims."

Limehouse says he doesn't think this was laid out to Rosa properly by staff and that if the president did anything wrong, it was not asking more questions. But he shouldn't go.

"If they fire him, it doesn't accomplish a thing," Limehouse says. "I think Rosa's the guy to fix this."

Set it right

When The Citadel hired Rosa in late 2005, it was in the middle of a child sexual abuse case.

The college had been sued by a group that claimed former Marine Capt. Michael J. Arpaio had sexually assaulted a boy at the school's summer camp in 2001. The school paid. The board finally just cancelled the school's summer camp. Too much risk and liability. And they didn't even know about ReVille.

Limehouse says one of Rosa's strengths was his experience in cleaning up sexual misconduct at the Air Force Academy. Within a year, Rosa released the results of a survey on sexual assaults at The Citadel -- a bold and open move for the notoriously insular school.

It's clear Rosa takes this seriously. Perhaps he made a mistake, maybe the staff did. The Board of Visitors may be culpable. All of them have taken responsibility.

We still need to know more, and soon, but based on the sketchy information available now, Limehouse is right. Lt. Gen. Rosa doesn't need to go anywhere -- except to work setting things right at The Citadel.