OK, Will, you got our attention -- now let's see the rest of it.

Come on, hurry, we have an election here in 12 days.

On Wednesday, political blogger and former Mark Sanford spokesman Will Folks released dozens of text messages between himself, Haley's campaign manager and a couple other people. It is somewhat racy, profane, compelling stuff, even if there was nothing but a missed call from the Republican gubernatorial front-runner herself.

The major players quoted by fitsnews.com on Wednesday confirmed that the text of the texts is accurate. The problem is, entertaining as they are, the exchanges can be interpreted to reinforce whatever people are already inclined to believe. Which doesn't help anyone.

In one message, Haley campaign manager Tim Pearson says, "I think we both deny it. I think an affadavit (sic) is something we can beat down. Legally and politically."


Pearson contends that he was just trying to figure out how to quash a nasty rumor, that it's not proof that he had any knowledge of what Folks contends was an "inappropriate physical relationship." A lot of people are apparently buying that.

So if Folks is going to salvage his credibility, we need to see more.

Real implications

Folks has done a masterful rollout of this campaign, if you can call it that. Every time the buzz calmed down, a new nugget came along to keep the chattering class chattering. But it has also given ammo to the people who say Folks is an opportunist -- or worse.

An Internet-savvy guy should know that, in this day, instant gratification does not allow for cliffhangers. This ain't "The Pickwick Papers."

Folks has made serious allegations that could have real implications in the governor's race. This could affect whether Foghorn Leghorn faces Haley or Speed Racer in the GOP runoff. So Folks either has to give up all his proof or let everyone know this is it, and leave people to make up their own minds.

To be fair, nothing short of a photo of Folks and Haley walking out of a Lexington motel is going to serve as proof for some. A lot of people have a good deal of sympathy for Haley.

It's amazing how much a whiff of scandal builds loyalty for a candidate who, a few weeks ago, was trying to scratch her way into third place.

Stay tuned?

This was an intriguing political soap opera on Tuesday. Now it's just getting tiresome, and the voters need answers.

And to make matters worse, the principals have gone oddly silent.

The Haley camp has retreated to the bunker, ignoring phone calls and putting out statements that they will not be distracted by this stuff (translation: we hope this just goes away). At the same time, Folks has gone all "on the advice of counsel" on us.

That's funny, since the best text message fitsnews.com released Wednesday was this gem from political operative Wes Donehue: "I just don't know who has told more people, you or Nikki."

Up until this week, Folks was a big supporter of Haley and her crusade for "transparency."

So where is everyone's transparency now?