Mike Tenay

Mike Tenay. (Photo Provided)

Mike Tenay, one of pro wrestling’s most knowledgeable announcers, is no longer in the mat business and is retired and living in Las Vegas.

Tenay, 64, affectionately known as “The Professor,” worked for WCW from 1994-2001 and for TNA from 2002-15. After leaving wrestling, Tenay hosted a short-lived sports betting podcast titled “Professor Vegas.”

Tenay earned entry into the inner circles of the wrestling profession through his friendship with Bobby “The Brain” Heenan, who passed away in 2017.

“The greatest experience in my time in the wrestling business was my time spent with Bobby Heenan,” Tenay told Sports Illustrated in 2015. “There is absolutely nobody like him, and he was the most unforgettable character I’ve ever met. He never went out with a lot of show prep behind him. That would be counter-productive.

“Bobby Heenan relied on having a Mike Tenay or a Tony Schiavone or a Gorilla Monsoon to set the table for him, because Bobby Heenan can take anything you say and twist it in a way that is entertaining and comical. I can’t stress how important Bobby Heenan was to me as far as allowing me to be accepted by people in the wrestling business, and I cherish our friendship at a level that is even difficult for me to put into words.”

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