Midnight Express

Dennis Condrey (far right) with longtime Midnight Express partner Bobby Eaton and manager Jim Cornette. (Photo Provided)

Dennis Condrey, an original member of The Midnight Express, one of the most celebrated tag teams on the ‘80s, will make his first appearance in several years at the Nashville Comic Con on Dec. 8-9.

Longtime manager Jim Cornette recently announced that Condrey, 66, had overcome a four-year battle with throat cancer. Condrey, said Cornette, has been fitted with an artificial voice box.

“The good news is that he’s cancer-free and has been for some time. … He weighs 230 pounds and feels great, and he wants to get back and see us and see the fans.”

As part of the celebration of Condrey’s improved health, there will be a number of upcoming events to commemorate the 35th anniversary of The Midnight Express, starting in December with Cornette, Condrey and Bobby Eaton appearing together in Nashville.

The group debuted at TV tapings for Mid-South promoter Cowboy Bill Watts in 1983.

The Nashville event marks their first time together since the Mid-South wrestling reunion in New Orleans four years ago.

Condrey’s condition has been kept private, said Cornette, for personal reasons.

“Dennis has always been a private guy with his personal life. And I can’t argue with that.”

“He didn’t want sympathy or concern. It was his business,” said Cornette. “He was concentrating on beating this thing and getting over it, which is what he pretty much has done … He didn’t want anyone thinking he was asking for help.”

Cornette credits Condrey with forming the team and for much of the group’s success.

“He was the team captain when The Midnight Express first became a thing. He named The Midnight Express … He was the veteran and he knew what he was doing.”

Condrey and Eaton were one of the most decorated tag teams of all time, compiling dozens of titles during the ‘80s. Condrey was later replaced on the team by Stan Lane.

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