Stevie Ray

Stevie Ray (right) with brother Booker T. (WWE Photo)

Stevie Ray, best known for his seven-year run (1993-2000) in WCW where he was one half of the tag team Harlem Heat with brother Booker T, is now host of a Houston-based weekly radio talk show called "Straight Shooting with Stevie Ray.” He also does a podcast called “Stand Up for Greatness.”

Stevie, whose real name is Lash Huffman, retired from in-ring competition in 2002. In 2013 he inducted Booker T (Booker Huffman) into the WWE Hall of Fame.

Stevie, 59, is a former WCW world TV champion and 10-time WCW world tag-team champion with brother Booker.

The brothers were born in Harlem but have lived in the Houston area since they were children.