razor ramon

Razor Ramon (WWE Photo)

Though he was introduced to WWE fans in May 1992 as “The Bad Guy,” Scott Hall’s Razor Ramon persona attained greater success when he became a fan favorite. A year into his heel run, Razor was winning only 62 percent of those matches featuring clear-cut finishes. After favorable initial impressions against Randy Savage and Big Bossman, the luster wore off a bit. He found himself on the losing side regularly versus the Undertaker, Lex Luger and Tatanka. An upset loss to the 1-2-3 Kid on RAW dealt Ramon another setback.

When Razor turned in mid-1993, the move clicked with the WWE Universe. Unprecedented success followed. He went on an impressive run through 1995, victorious nearly 90 percent of the time in that lengthy stretch. From IRS to Shawn Michaels to Jeff Jarrett to Owen Hart, opponents were vanquished by the man “oozing with machismo.” There were also contentious battles with Mabel of Mom on a Mission and Psycho Sid. Along with Kevin “Diesel” Nash, Razor became a leader of the WWE’s “New Generation.”

Adversity arrived in early 1996. He tired of travel and the demanding schedule. There was also a suspension to serve. When active, he found himself on the short end in some matches again, this time in encounters against Goldust, Jerry Lawler, Triple H and Vader. An infamous “curtain call” with the Kliq in Madison Square Garden punctuated the end of the Razor Ramon era. WCW beckoned, proposing a contract with fewer working dates. In late spring, the former Razor was back in his previous surroundings as Scott Hall in what would become the Outsiders tag team and, eventually, the ground-breaking New World Order faction.

Curiously, though Hall was through with the Razor Ramon gimmick, the WWE was not. They brought back the character, portrayed by Rick Bognar, for a while in 1996-97. However, the move was met largely by negative reviews. Effectively replacing Hall’s original edition proved to be an uphill challenge.

- Kenneth Mihalik