Charleston City Amateur Matt Wood

Matt Wood shot a final-round 69 to win the rain-shortened Charleston City Amateur golf tournament on Sunday by one stroke.

Solid play and a couple of good breaks helped Matt Wood earn a one-shot victory Sunday in the 75th Charleston City Amateur golf tournament.

Wood, a 50-year-old technical architect for Blackbaud, shot a final-round 69 and finished the rain-shortened event at 8-under-par 136. Chris Asbell put together a hot final-round 67 and finished second at 137, while former City Senior champion Winn Tutterow was third at 138. First-round leader Evan Rodwell, James Millar and Alex Ellis tied for fourth at 140.

The event was scheduled for 54 holes, but Saturday's round was canceled because of heavy early morning rains that inundated Municipal Golf Course.

"This means everything. I've been scratching and clawing and had a lot of top-five finishes. I've tied for second twice and finished third twice," said Wood, who moved to Charleston in 1995 and played the Powerbilt mini-tour for 18 months "before I ran out of money."

Wood made only three bogeys over the 36 holes, two of them coming in the final round. He sandwiched birdies on 2 and 7 around a bogey on 4 for a front-nine 35 and remained 1-under for the final round through 14 holes with a birdie on 10 and a bogey on 13.

But the good breaks began coming his way starting at the par-5 15th when his tee shot landed in the left rough inches away from a tree root.

"I had an opening. I hit a 3-wood from 245 yards to 20 feet and two-putted for birdie. I got lucky," he said.

After a routine par on 16, Wood drove the green on the 313-yard, par-4 17th for another two-putt birdie.

A piece of misinformation going to the final hole almost led to disaster, but again, he got a lucky break. Wood planned to hit 3-wood off the tee on 18, but heard Asbell was 8 under (he actually had finished at 7 under) for the tournament, so instead he went with his driver.

The tee shot was headed out of bounds but hit a tree and bounced into the fairway, 152 yards from the hole. Wood hit his approach pin-high and two-putted for his par to secure the win.

Asbell's final-round 67 included a pair of bogeys (3 and 13) along with a streak of five consecutive birdies beginning on the sixth hole and back-to-back birdies on 15 and 16.

CHAMPIONSHIP FLIGHT: Matt Wood, 67-69--136; Chris Asbell, 70-67--137; Winn Tutterow, 67-71--138; James Millar, 70-70--140; Alex Ellis, 70-70--140; Evan Rodwell, 66-74--140; Jeff Sullivan, 70-71--141; Jamie Wilson, 70-71--141; Scotty Davis, 69-72--141; Dan Cook, 71-71--142; Luis Thompson, 69-73--142; Frank Ford III, 72-71--143; Jacob Morris, 72-72--144; Whit Massey, 69-75--144; Greg Ventura, 69-75--144; Chris Daily, 71-74--145; J.T. Walters, 72-73--145; J.D. Hunter, 71-78--149; Jonathan Epps, 71-79--150; Christian Woods, 71-79--150; Doug Williams, 71-80--151; Stewart Garrett, 72-83--155.

FLIGHT 1: Trey McMillan, 73-71--144; Bryce Keene, 73-72--145; John Bergmann, 73-73--146; James Edwards, 73-73--146; Brooks Carpenter, 73-75--148. FLIGHT 2: Justin Start, 76-70--146; Patrick Mallard, 75-71--146; Blake Maull, 75-71--146; Stephen Perry, 75-72--147; T.A. Fulmer, 76-73--149; David Kilborn, 76-73--149. FLIGHT 3: Mike Cobb, 77-68--145; David Foster, 77-72--149; Steve Agazzi, 77-75--152; Eric Maland, 77-76--153; Ryan Stonaker, 78-76--154; Mark Bloomer, 77-77--154. FLIGHT 4: Ben Karns, 79-73--152; Jay Nuckols, 79-74--153; Ethan Willis, 79-74--153; Kevin Tawes, 79-75--154; Mike Harrison, 79-77--156. FLIGHT 5: Andy Balao, 80-72--152; Ben Quinque, 80-75--155; Mike Mazza, 80-76--156; Denny Sherrill, 80-76--156; Ben Burton, 80-77--157. FLIGHT 6: John Belicka, 81-70--151; John Ashmore, 82-71--153; Peter Kouten, 81-79--160; Ed Leightner, 82-79--162; Seth Collins, 81-80--161; Rich Bull, 82-79--161. FLIGHT 7: Mark Havenstein, 84-75--159; Adam Tharp, 84-77--161; Erich Murray, 83-78--161; Jonathon Smith, 83-78--161; Bennie Marshall, 83-79--162. FLIGHT 8: Marty Bunch, 85-74--159; Aaron Reed, 85-80--165; Joe Forsberg, 86-79--165; Jason Lovett, 86-81--167; Kevin Davis, 86-83--169. FLIGHT 9: Alton Hutto, 87-79--166; Micah Cunningham, 87-81--168; Robert Soto, 87-82--169; Jeff Taylor, 88-81--169; Mark Cercopely, 87-83--170. FLIGHT 10: Robert Lindley, 93-73--166; Andy McNeal, 91-78--169; Mike Cool, 93-79--172; William Klauss, 92-83--175; Del Schutte, 92-88--180.