That cool out there really is an early smack of winter.

Yep, the first Arctic wave of the season just chilled through the Lowcountry. It's expected to keep the place cloudy and cool all weekend.

The chill comes from a high-pressure system of the sort that brings sub-freezing temperatures in winter, then largely backs off for the summer. Calendar or not, its arrival is the first sign of the changing season.

"A big, sprawling high-pressure system. It came out of the Arctic, frankly. It came out of Siberia," said meteorologist Steve Rawley with National Weather Service, Charleston.

The high temperature isn't expected to get anywhere near 80 degrees today. The mercury might nudge toward it Sun- day and could even reach it Monday. Night time temperatures will drop into the 50s and 60s.

The highs are expected to be back to the more seasonal 80s by Tuesday. The lows are expected to stay below or at 70 until at least mid-week.

Weather Underground and, private forecasting companies, largely agreed with the Weather Service forecast.

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