He can't leap tall buildings and he's not faster than a speeding bullet, but Kyle "K'Otic" Johnson can be seen on TV hurdling over an onrushing car. 

And he's been spotted in Marion Square wearing a Superman outfit.

Long before Johnson got the call to compete on NBC’s "American Ninja Warrior," the Charleston native was climbing objects for recreation and doing handstands on rooftops.

“He’s always been a daredevil,” said Shawn Williams, Johnson’s cousin. “He just likes pushing his own limits."

The Stall High graduate will be on Season 10 of the show, which starts May 30.

The series includes hundreds of athletes battling through rigorous obstacle courses, vying to make it to the national finals, and eventually be crowned as the American Ninja Warrior.

Johnson, 32, will appear in the Miami qualifier episode, which airs in mid-June.

He appeared in Season 8 a couple of years ago and finished in the top 26 out of 126 competitors.

“I learned a lot that first time about how to shift my body weight and use my grip strength,” he said. “And I learned how to build my stamina, and keep pushing myself.”

Training for a nationwide competition requires a more regimented schedule. But Johnson’s stunts have always been much more carefree.

For example, his friend, DeVante Powell recalls the day Johnson flipped over and above a bright orange Lamborghini in a commercial for attorney George Sink.

“He didn’t practice the actual flip,” Powell said. “He just did a lot of running, a lot of sprinting, then said, ‘OK, I’m ready.’ And he did it.”

It was impressive but not all that shocking. Powell is used to seeing his friend and breakdance crew member perform amazing stunts.

Johnson’s goal is to make sure the rest of the world sees what he can do. 

Before "American Ninja Warrior," he was hired in 2007 to breakdance for a birthday party on an episode of MTV’s My Super Sweet Sixteen.

Johnson attributes his success to those breakdancing roots. He was never an athlete in school but always had fun dancing.

He started out performing at local farmers markets. When he met Powell, the two were competing against each other. Eventually they formed Break Circuit, a group that performs at parties, weddings and other events.

Flipping.jpg for Derrek story

Kyle "K'Otic" Johnson flips over 10 audience volunteers during a street performance at Marion Square. File/ Staff

The crew has been featured on ESPN and has been in a JCPenney commercial.

While staying busy in the Lowcountry and beyond, Johnson is looking for more opportunities on the big screen.

He’s looking to work as a stuntman in movies and would like to be an actor.

“I think I have the personality for it,” he said.

Williams shares that vision with his cousin who "has been breakdancing since he could walk.”

His crew is equally as supportive.

“Watching him, we’ve all been motivated to do more outside of dancing,” Powell said. “He’s just one of those guys who wants to challenge what the body can do.”

His family and friends aren’t the only people who believe in him. Just ask the 10 strangers who knelt down and allowed Johnson — dressed as Superman — to flip over them last year in Marion Square.

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