Wando quintet shines in track and classroom

Wando’s Lucy Rummler has recorded the top time in the Lowcountry in the 800 and 1600 meters this season.

The distance runners on the Wando girls and track and field team bring their “A Game” to the big meets of the season, including this weekend’s Class AAAA state championships at Spring Valley High School. They bring their “AP” books to class at the Mount Pleasant school.

Lucy Rummler, Georgia Compton, Alyssa Holden and Anna Fairey shine on the track and in the class. They take honor classes and are Advanced Placement students.

Rosa Marie Compton is not. That’s because she’s only a freshman and will have to wait until her sophomore year to take AP classes.

The runners have been impressive this spring. The Warriors took the top four places in the 1,600 meters at last weekend’s state qualifier, and the 4x800-meter relay team ran a state-best 9 minutes, 25.22 seconds at the prestigious Taco Bell Coaches’ Classic.

Coach Marie Domin said success in the classroom and in the athletic arena go hand-in-hand.

“These girls are motivated to do their best in everything, so that intrinsic motivation is perfect for the mental and physical aspects of track,” Domin said. “They are leaders that strategize, listen and learn from their experiences.”

Just how dominating are the Wando runners?

Rummler has the top time in the Lowcountry in the 800, while Holden is second.

Rummler has the fastest time in the 1,600, while Georgia Compton is second and Rosa Marie Compton is third.

In the 3,200, Georgia Compton has the best time in the Lowcountry while her sister, Rosa Marie has the second-fastest clocking.

Rummler attends the School of Arts and competes at Wando because SOA doesn’t offer varsity sports. She is in the running to be the valedictorian of the senior class. The school will not name its valedictorian until May 20, but Rummler, who is expected to attend either Clemson or Rice, had the highest GPA (5.2) in January.

She has an inteteresting system of getting from one school to the other.

“I have a complicated system of taking the bus from school to the bus stop in Mount Pleasant where my car is, and then driving to Wando from there,” Rummler said. “This saves gas, but it also means that whenever the bus is late, I’m late to practice. Luckily, my coaches have been very tolerant of how late I am.”

SOA offers only sailing and ultimate frisbee, and Rummler wasn’t very good in either activity. She eventually turned to running.

We call her ‘Lil’ Lucy,’ and she is a tiny runner,” Domin said. “That is why she is so underestimated by her competitors. She is humble, kind but fierce. Early on she had trouble with being competitive. She loved training and running on the trails in the mountains and had fun on the team, but wasn’t sure about passing teammates or others in races. That all changed once she hit the track. Clearly, that same tenacity led her to the top of her class at SOA. She is always thinking, analyzing and learning from experiences.”

The Compton sisters usually are fighting it out to see who is 1-2 in their races. The sisters will run in the 4x800-meter relay, the 1,600- and 3,200-meters on Saturday.

“They push each other and everyone to be the best, not just because you want to win or want a (personal record), but because the team needs you.” Domin said. “They love each other and constantly hug after races. It brings a happy energy to the team.”

Winning the state title would definitely bring a happy energy to the team.