SUMMERVILLE — A Dorchester County man's burglar alarm may have kept an intruder out but deputies say it led them right to the marijuana plants he kept in his room.

Dorchester County sheriff's deputies charged Kevin Ramon Smith, 26, of 134 Earl Street with manufacturing marijuana.

Deputies responded to an active burglar alarm at the house about 7:50 p.m. Thursday.

According to an incident report:

Smith met with deputies outside and questioned why they were there. When they told him, he said the house belonged to a friend.

When deputies recognized Smith from a prior home invasion at the same address, he then told them he was renting the house to a friend. He told deputies he called the friend but later said he did not have his phone number.

Deputies came across a locked bedroom but Smith said he did not have a key because the room belonged to the friend. Smith later acknowledged that he lived there with the friend. As deputies talked to the friend on the phone, Smith told deputies that he had a gun on him. He also said there was marijuana in the house but then said he was joking.

The friend later showed up and told deputies that the room belonged to Smith.

Deputies opened the room and found an undisclosed number of plants inside the room.