COLUMBIA — The University of South Carolina’s athletic department made $83.813 million last year, according to a database released this week by USA Today. USC spent $80.525 million. The school ranked 20th in revenue among the 227 schools in the database and 19th in expenses.

The database included information from 2006-11. Beginning in 2006, USC’s revenue rose from $52.1 million to $60.5, $66.5, $76.1, $79.9 and finally $83.8 million, while the athletic department expenses went from $53.1 million to $57.2, $64.5, $75.6, $78.3 and $80.5 million.

Of USC’s revenue in 2011, $24.4 million came from donations, while $29.7 came from media rights and licensing fees, such as the Southeastern Conference’s television contract — up from $16.3 in donations and $15.5 million in media rights and licensing fees in 2006.

USC spent $26.8 million to pay its coaches last year and $15.7 million on buildings and grounds expenses — up from $17.8 and $9.1 million in 2006.

Student athletic fees, which are part of tuition, also brought much more revenue last year than they did in 2006 — $2.2 million, compared to $597,000.