Two-Minute Drill with the Tennessee Titans’ Jared Cook

Jared Cook

What was your mindset behind leaving school a year early and entering the NFL draft in 2009?

"I felt like I had nothing left to prove at the college level. I felt like I had done everything that I was going to do and that I was ready to play in the NFL. I think had I stayed for my senior year, I probably could have worked my way into the first round, but at that point, I felt like I was ready to play in the NFL."

Talk about your rookie season. Did it turn out as well as you'd hoped?

"I only caught nine passes the whole year. Alge Crumpler and Craig Stevens were in front of me, so there wasn't a lot of playing time. I learned a lot from those guys. I had an ankle injury that slowed me down a little bit, but it wasn't a total loss because I learned a lot from Alge and got to understand the offense better and what the coaching staff expected from me."

You had a solid second season. What was the difference from your rookie season to the 2010 season?

"I had a lot more chances to get on the field. I knew the offense better. I got on the field more to showcase my talents. In this league, you're only going to get a couple of opportunities to show what you can do and last year was my opportunity, so I wanted to take advantage of it. I wanted to prove I could perform and produce at this level."

You've become kind of a focal point of the offense this season?

"We got a new offensive coordinator and he utilizes the tight ends a little bit more than before. It's the kind of offense I really enjoy playing in. It's a tight-end friendly offense, and then with Matt Hasselbeck coming in at quarterback, we've been able to click on the field from the first game of the season."

When you played against Carolina earlier in the season, you played against former South Carolina teammates Captain Munnerlyn and Eric Norwood. What was that like?

"Those guys are my brothers. We went through a lot together at South Carolina. I love those guys. I'm happy that they're playing so well in the NFL. It was a little strange to be on the other sideline, but that's part of this business. It was fun to play against them. There was a little trash talking going on between us, but at the end of the game we shook hands and we were brothers again."

What was it like to watch South Carolina finally get to the SEC championship game in 2010?

"It was an awesome feeling to see those guys get to that game. That's something we talked a lot about when I was playing at South Carolina. A lot of people never thought South Carolina would get to an SEC championship game. I knew a lot of the guys on the team and I couldn't have been more proud. I was wearing my South Carolina gear into the locker room for a few weeks after that. That's one thing I've learned about the NFL, the guys really support their universities."