What was it like growing up as the younger brother of Darian Durant?

"It was tough at times because Darian is legend around Florence. People had expectations because I was his younger brother and that's probably why I didn't want to play quarterback as a kid. I wanted to have my own identity. I didn't want to spend my career being compared to Darian. Darian's doing great. He's playing in the CFL (Saskatchewan Roughriders) and he's led his team to the Grey Cup a couple of times."

You played on the same high school team with Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker Lawrence Timmons. Did you know he was going to be this good back then?

"Lawrence was a freak of nature. He has crazy athletic ability. The things he's able to do still amaze me and I've been playing with him or against him my whole life. He would go from playing defensive end or linebacker to wide receiver and not miss a beat. I think everyone knew he had the athletic ability to play in the NFL back then, but ability can only get you so far. Lawrence always wanted to be the best and that's what got him to the NFL."

You ended up at Hampton University. Did South Carolina or Clemson offer you a scholarship?

"They didn't. I didn't get a single Division I offer coming out of high school. I had some offers from some in-state Division I-AA schools like Furman, but I felt more comfortable at Hampton. If I wasn't going to play at South Carolina or Clemson, I wanted to go out of state and get away from South Carolina. I probably have a little bit of a chip on my shoulder because none of the big schools offered me."

You spent your first four seasons in the NFL in Jacksonville. Talk about your time with Jaguars?

"I had four great years in Jacksonville. I learned a lot about the game. I appreciate everything the organization did for me. They took a chance on me, a guy coming out of Hampton, and believed in me. I enjoyed every minute I was in Jacksonville and I wish I could have stayed there and ended my career in Jacksonville, but things didn't work out."

Why did you sign with Detroit?

"I was looking for a team that ran a 4-3 defense, and a team that was going to be a factor in the playoffs. I think Detroit is an up-and-coming organization. They wanted me and I wanted to be a part of this team, so things worked out."

There's been a lot of talk about the Lions' defense this season. Are the Lions a dirty team?

"I don't think so (laughing). But I also don't think it hurts to have a reputation of being somewhat of a bad boy team. Other teams might be a little intimidated by us. I think we play hard, we're physical, but we play to the whistle. I think the media gets caught up in that more than the players. I don't think we're dirty at all."