Two-Minute Drill with Natasha Adair

Natasha Adair was named the College of Charleston women's basketball coach on March 27. Staff/File

What’s been the biggest adjustment in your first head coaching job?

“Transitioning a whole staff. It would be easier if it was just me, but we have a brand new staff and we’ve been trying to get them acclimated to a new city, a new program and a new environment. I’m excited to say that in a month we have a coach that’s buying a house, a coach that’s already moved his family down here. We’re starting to call this place home.”

Your new staff has a lot of Wake Forest connections.

“Bob Clark (associate head coach) has been with me pretty much every place at my coaching career, Georgetown and Wake Forest. David White (director of basketball operations) was our volunteer coach last year at Wake Forest, so he’s only been with us a year.”

You’ve had a little time with the returning players. What are your impressions?

“I didn’t come in with a hatchet. These kids have gone through a transition as well. We’re like a family. There was a reason they came here and you want to keep that excitement. We still have dreams and aspirations of winning the SoCon and getting to the NCAA. We’ve been talking about expecting to win and encouraging each other to win and exceeding our expectations. I went into the locker room and someone had created a poster that said ‘Expect, Encourage, Exceed’ and all the kids have signed it. That lets me know they’re listening. We’re doing bigger and better things next year.”

What area needs the most attention?

“We were pretty strong defensively. Offensively, we need to take care of the ball. We turned the ball over way too much and our field goal percentage was too low. We have to make sure we do a lot of fundamental work in the preseason. Shooting is repetition. We have to make sure we get enough shots up in practice. If there’s one area we struggled, it was definitely the offensive side of the ball.”

Are you still recruiting for next season or are you already working toward 2013-14?

“I have five scholarships for this season, which could be good news-bad news. I think it’s good news. I won’t settle. If I don’t get all those filled, that’s OK. The worst thing you can do is settle for a number. We’ve been in conversations with kids and we have a couple of top prospects. With all the coaching changes in women’s basketball, the transfer market has been very high. We had kids on campus last weekend and we’ll have kids the next couple of weekends.”

With your husband Aaron, son Aaron Michael (14) and daughter Allyssa Michelle (6) still living in Winston-Salem, N.C., what do you do for family time?

“Thank goodness for Skype and Hulu. My family and I have been on Skype a lot. Because it’s only a 3½-hour drive, they’ve been down and we’ve been able to spend some time with each other. They’re still in school. It’s a little hard, honestly.”

What’s been the favorite thing to do when they’ve been in Charleston?

“With my 6-year-old, it’s the beach. We’ve spent a lot of time at the Isle of Palms. I can’t get to a lot of places, but I know how to get there. My son is 14 and a rising sophomore. He loves ball so he hangs out in the gym. The men’s players have been picking at him, and the locals want to know where he’s going to go to school. My husband and I have been able to enjoy King Street. Charleston offers so much.”

Found any favorite restaurants yet?

“I love the Variety Story. I’ve been to Jestine’s and Sticky Fingers. We love Sticky Fingers as a staff. We definitely have to get our exercise because we eat like nobody’s business.”

Compiled by Tommy Braswell