Two-Minute Drill With Charleston Battery defender John Wilson

John Wilson (top) is a defender for the Charleston Battery.

At 34, shouldn’t you be playing golf and not soccer?

“I’m not much into golf (laughing). I still love the game, I still love to play and I’m still pretty fit, so I don’t see a reason to stop playing. There are a ton of guys out there that would love to still be playing at my age.”

How much longer will you play?

“People talk about quitting and going out in the so-called real world. Well, soccer is the real world for me. When I finally decide to stop playing I’m going to be involved with the sport at some level.”

You’ve played nine seasons with the Charleston Battery. What are some of the highlights?

“Obviously the championships I was fortunate to be a part of in 2003 and 2010. There are just some great memories for me from those two seasons. Beating D.C. United in 1999 in the U.S. Open Cup at Blackbaud Stadium is certainly up there. That was a great match, and then the run we made to the U.S. Open Cup final in 2008. Beating Houston during that run being two-men down is another match I don’t think I’ll ever forget.”

How would the 2003 Battery team have done in the MLS?

“Honestly, I think we would have been very competitive. We had quality all over the field, especially in the back where we had three guys that had World Cup experience.”

You’ve played the last two seasons at center back and now you’ve returned to left back. How does that feel?

“It’s my natural position, so I’m glad to be back there. There’s a lot more running at left back, but I enjoy that part of the game. I love to push the ball forward. I think that’s a strength in my game, and at center back you can’t do that very often. I’m a lot smarter about making runs nowadays. I pick my places to do it, but I still love to get forward.”

Compiled by Andrew Miller