Book has littering lesson

Silas Saves the Friendly Crab

SILAS SAVES THE FRIENDLY CRAB: A Lowcountry Tale. By S.E. Joyce. For ages 3-6. AuthorHouse. 28 pages. $14.99.

Silas, a 5-year-old boy, finds a blue crab stuck in a plastic bag in a tidal pool on a sunny beach in the Lowcountry.

The crab tells his story about how he ended up in the bag and Silas learns a valuable lesson about littering and the importance of saving the environment.

What's good: Teaches a great lesson about the importance of throwing away trash.

What's bad: There should be more pictures of Silas, who is a real boy who lives in South Carolina.

Peter Beck is a third-grader at University School of the Lowcountry who job shadowed as a junior reporter with Lowcountry Parent magazine last week.