Ten trivia questions about South Carolina won a local librarian a bunch of new books for her school and a chance to educate the rest of the country about some things that make this state special.

Jan Dandridge, a media specialist at Stall High School in North Charleston, submitted her questions for a contest by Scholastic, the children's book publisher.

The contest organizers asked the media wizards in school and public libraries to come up with "10 questions and answers that reveal the most wonderful and wacky facts that answer the question: What should everyone know about your state?"

The world's largest chicken dance, for instance. It's part of the annual Chicken Show in Wayne, Neb., according to the winning entry from that state.

For its part, South Carolina boasts the oldest living thing east of the Mississippi River, as well as the world's oldest minor-league baseball stadium, Dandridge noted in her entry.

Dandridge's questions, along with trivia questions from the 49 other states, will appear in the book "Fast Facts about the 50 States," part of Scholastic's "America the Beautiful" series.

Her library also will get the complete set of Scholastic's books about the states. Some have already been published and added to the library, with the rest due next year.

"I entered because I wanted the books for my media center," she said. "Every book that I had on any of the states was woefully out of date."

Dandridge has been at Stall since 1995; before that she was a librarian at Midland Park Elementary School. She grew up in West Ashley and graduated from Middleton High School.

She said she picked out the questions with her husband, Rick, a retired BellSouth worker and history buff.

Scholastic picked two winners from each state. The other S.C. winner was Lu Bickley of Leesville.

"Who better to fill a book full of fascinating state-by-state trivia than librarians from across the country?" Greg Worrell, president of the Scholastic Classroom and Library Group, said in a statement announcing the winners.

"Libraries are centers of information and learning for all of us."