With South Carolina lineman Jarriel King

North Charleston's Jarriel King has had an up-and-down tenure at South Carolina. As a senior, the physically blessed offensive tackle is hopeful of realizing his potential and getting the offensive line where it needs to be.

You've been here three seasons now. What are you doing, now that you're a senior, to ensure you'll go out the way you want to go out?

"My expectations for myself are very high. It's little things, like getting more sleep and dieting and being a smarter player. I want to know what I'm supposed to do, so I can play faster. I think the biggest thing is just doing what I know I can do, but on a consistent basis. That's my biggest thing, is consistency."

You dealt with a hamstring injury early in camp. Seems like there's always something with you, with the heart issues and concussion last year. Even getting here was trying. What's the deal? Do you ever stop and ask, "Why is this happening to me? Why isn't this easier?"

"I ask that all the time. I've got to keep praying about that. There's got to be a reason. Maybe there's a light at the end of the tunnel. Who knows? I'm glad I'm blessed to still do what I'm doing. I love being around these guys. I'm glad I'm going to be able to do this."

Even in those frustrating times, do you realize you've still got a chance to do something here? You know, your time isn't up. Yet.

"I'm not down in the dumps. No one's forgot about me. I'm in a position to have a great future. I push. ... I go through a lot, daily. I can't quit. I mean, I can't. Literally."

What are your impressions of Shawn Elliott, who took over the offensive line in January?

"He really does raise the expectations we have for this team and this O-line. He brings a lot of intensity and he forces us to do more than we're expected to do. ... I've had three different (offensive line) coaches in three years. I've got my hands up in the air, saying, 'Please, I'm willing to learn anything someone can teach me.' "

Can you get a read on Steve Spurrier and what he really thinks about this team?

"He doesn't say it, but he sees the potential we have on this team. And I know it frustrates him. I know it does. We haven't put it out on the field yet. I know that's what he sees in us. But we've got to make up our minds as a team to do the little things that keep us from winning eight, nine, 10 games."

And, to you, what are those little things? What's the gap between here and winning -- big?

"We need to get serious. We have to do the things off the field to impact, positively, what we do on the field. Even in our spare time, we can do that. There's nothing stopping us but ourselves. I see it all the time. I don't think anyone -- including myself, especially myself -- has really worked the way he can."