The Tim Tebow Show is must-see TV.

The Denver Broncos quarterback is helping draw television audiences for NFL games that might have seemed impossible a few months ago.

Just how many viewers tuned into Sunday's game against the Steelers solely because of Tebow? Consider the wild-card playoff matchup in the same time slot last year for a rough estimate.

In 2011, Packers-Eagles attracted what at the time seemed like a massive audience. It averaged 39.3 million viewers and earned the highest rating for a wild-card game in a dozen years.

With all the elements to pull in lots of eyeballs, a wild-card matchup couldn't bring in many more viewers than that in this era, right? Well, Denver's overtime win Sunday averaged 42.4 million viewers, an 8 percent increase.

And this Saturday, Tebow goes primetime when he and the Broncos play against Tom Brady and the Patriots at New England at 8 p.m. on WCSC (CBS).