Swan successfully defends City Amateur title

Jarrett Swan tees off during the final round of the 64th Charleston City Amateur golf tournament at the Charleston Municipal Golf Course Sunday June 1, 2014. Grace Beahm/Staff

Jarrett Swan's mindset Sunday was that it was his tournament and no one was going to take the title away from him.

"I felt no one was going to take that trophy away from me. I've never had an opportunity to defend a title. So it felt awesome," said Swan, a rising senior at Charleston Southern.

Swan had to play 27 holes Sunday and posted an unusual winning tournament score of 175, 5-under-par for 45 holes.

Heavy rains Saturday forced a modification in tournament plans. The second round wasn't completed until Sunday with players picking up where they left off before Saturday's downpour, with the top 36 advancing to a nine-hole shootout for the championship. Swan hadn't started the second round before Saturday's rain. He posted a 70 that left him one shot off the lead held by Matt Wood, who shot 69-70-139.

Swan shot 35 for the final nine holes and finished two strokes ahead of Wood and Patrick Mallard. Mallard shot 36 for the final nine while Wood shot 38.

First-round leader Justin Hare finished fourth at 178. David Foster, Matt Laydon and Jackson Moore tied for fifth at 180.

Swan said he was not playing well and took a lesson Wednesday from Rickey Sullivan at the Ranch at Bulls Bay.

"I was hitting the ball awful and he said go win it," Swan said. "The key hole was my second shot at No. 9 (his eighth hole). Matt (Wood) had just hit it tight, to three feet, and I hit a 6-iron to 15 feet. My caddy, Tucker O'Keefe, made a perfect ready and I made the putt for birdie.

"It was different (playing a nine-hole final round). I knew I needed to play smart but attack the course."


Jarrett Swan 70-70-35-175

Patrick Mallard 72-69-36-177

Matt Wood 69-70-38-177

Justin Hare 65-76-37-178

Jackson Moore 71-69-40-180

Matt Laydon 72-71-37-180

David Foster 71-73-36-180

Paul Conway 70-72-39-181

Chris Calabrese 70-70-43-183

Christian Sease 72-72-39-183

FIRST: Clark Truluck, 76-69-37-182; Bart Branan, 74-71-38-183; T.A. Fulmer, 73-74-37-184; Colin Frazier, 73-76-37-186. SECOND: John Ebersole, 75-75-36-186; David Eller, 79-73-35-187; Winn Tutterow, 75-75-37-187; Gordon Williams, 74-76-38-188; Joe Padgette, 74-76-38-188; Jonathan Smith, 69-83-37-189. THIRD: Nick Avery, 75-78-153; Mike Wilson, 76-77-153; Kris Niemi, 76-77-153; Patrick Harrington, 75-79-154; Jeff Chapa, 75-80-155. FOURTH: Steve Hay, 77-76-153; John Belicka, 77-78-155; Kevin Tawes, 77-78-155; George Rasque, 78-78-156; Eric Tobias, 77-79-156. FIFTH: Rodney Hancock, 79-77-156; David Maddox, 79-78-157; David Craft, 79-79-158; Joe Binz, 79-80-159.

SIXTH: Gene Pickard, 80-73-153; Preston Johnson, 80-75-155; Bobby Kelch, 80-76-156; Hugh Davis, 80-76-156; Michael Dodd, 80-77-157. SEVENTH: Warren Peper, 82-72-154; Blake Banks, 82-74-156; Matt Parker, 82-74-156; Scott Schwarz, 81-78-159; Jarvis Davenport, 82-78-160; Mark Danelon, 82-78-160. EIGHTH: J.T. Wallers, 84-76-160; Gregg Griffith, 83-78-161; Denny Sherrill, 84-78-162; John Womack, 84-79-163; Paul Bergamini, 83-80-163; Tony Morelli, 83-80-163. NINTH: James Canady, 85-78-163; Duane Bausman, 85-82-167; Anthony Chapa, 85-83-168; David Shaw, 86-86-172. 10TH: Stewart Garrett, 87-76-163; Dan Golla, 90-76-166; Chris DeJoy, 87-81-168; Mitch Thompson, 89-83-172; Jon Finger, 87-85-172. 11TH: Jamie Tuberty, 92-83-175; Gavin Judge, 92-91-183; Winfield Sapp, 92-95-187.