Sherman: Maxwell key to Seahawks' success


As the football-watching nation found out Sunday, Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman is not afraid to speak his mind.

Sherman, who made headlines by singing his own praises in a postgame interview after the Seahawks beat the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday to earn a berth in the Super Bowl, recently waxed eloquent on another topic - his teammate and former Fort Dorchester High School star Byron Maxwell.

Maxwell, a sixth-round draft pick out of Clemson in 2011, has made an impact as a reserve cornerback for the Seahawks this season, intercepting four passes despite starting only five games.

"He's one of the many reasons I believe we'll not only survive, but dominate on our way to the Super Bowl," Sherman wrote in a column for Sports Illustrated published on Jan. 16.

Sherman recalled Maxwell making his first career start against the Saints on Dec. 2 and breaking up a wheel route intended for tight end Jimmy Graham.

"That's when I really knew we wouldn't miss a beat with Maxwell in the lineup," Sherman wrote.

Sherman said that Maxwell, who tore his ACL as a senior at Fort Dorchester, "could not touch his toes while standing" when he joined the Seahawks.

"So he took up hot yoga and has been dedicated to it for three years," Sherman said. "He even finds ways to do it in road cities. Sometimes before he goes to bed on the road he'll do the poses right there in the room - Crouching Camel or whatever."

That hard work has paid off for Maxwell, Sherman said.

"At this point, he's well-prepared," Sherman said. "And he's playing as well as any corner in the NFL."