Sailors enjoy afternoon racing

A tight pack of Melges 20s sail downwind in the shadow of Fort Sumter on Saturday.

Sailors were treated to an 8-knot sea breeze that developed both inshore and offshore in the late afternoon of Day 2 of Charleston Race Week.

While the racers competed, one incident that took place on Friday kept the jury busy on shore. It also brought into focus the challenges that Charleston Race Week organizers face when bringing nearly 300 boats onto a busy commercial and recreational harbor.

On their way back to the marina that day, Kris Kalinski and his crew on board Kalinski’s Melges 24 “Zoo” crossed the bow of an incoming container ship in the shipping channel, forcing emergency action and two five-blast collision warning sounds from the ship’s horn. Race officials filed a protest against Zoo as necessitated by the rules, and the jury disqualified the team from all racing.

After two rehearings on Saturday, event director Randy Draftz said the jury’s hands were tied, and with good reason.

“We can all sympathize with Kris and his crew of course, but the race committee really has no alternative in this situation,” said Draftz. “Safety is always paramount to us, especially in a commercial harbor with swift currents and massive ships constantly on the move, and if we don’t take pretty drastic measures in this situation, we’re not being responsible.”

Racing continues Sunday, the final day of Sperry Charleston Race Week. There may be as many as four more races to decide the champions of the largest sailing event in North and South America.

Charleston Race Week


Place, Yacht Name, Sail, Owner/Skipper, Results, Total Points

VX One

(One Design 9 Boats)

1. VX, USA187, John Potter 1-1-1-[4]-1-1—5; 2. Kill Bill, USA176, William Griffin 2-2-2-3-2-[4]—11; 3. Blue Lobster, USA167, Bob Maccini 3-5-3-1-[6]-2—14


(One Design 9 Boats)

1. Los Tres Bigotes, CofC 1, Chase Shaw [3]-1-1-2-3-1—8; 2. Air Force One, CofC 3, Tom Hubbell [8]-3-4-1-1-2—11; 3. Wild Goose, CofC 10, David Buckley 1-4-[7]-6-2-3—16


(One Design 21 Boats)

1. Bangor Packet, USA58, Tony and Peter Parker 2-3-2-2-1-[7]—10; 2. Pipe Dream, USA5362, Mike Marshall 1-4-3-[6]-5-5—18; 3. Giggity, USA5237, Scott McCormack 9-5-1-[15]-3-1—19


(One Design 8 Boats)

1. USA 788, USA788, Clarke McKinney 1-1-1-2-1-[3]—6; 2. Courageous, USA1313, Gary Panariello 2-3-3-[7]-4-1—13; 3. Cool J, USA1150, Alexander Kraus 3-[5]-4-1-3-4—15


(One Design 83 Boats)

1. Flojito Y Cooperando, MEX384, Julian Fernandez Neckelmann 5-1-1-1-9—17; 2. Norwegian Steam, NOR645, Eivind Astrup--1-6-5-3-11—26; 3. Africa, USA179, Jud Smith--9-7-10-3-1—30

Melges 20

(One Design 22 Boats)

1. Midnight Blue, USA228, Jason Michas 8-2-3-8-2—23; 2. Portobello, BRA245, Cesar Gomes Neto 1-4-4-11-4—24; 3. Section 16, USA16, Richard Davies 2-14-6-2-1—25

Melges 24

(One Design 25 Boats)

1. EX KAHN, USA575, Brent McKenzie 6-2-2-5-5—20; 2. Battle Rhythm, USA786, Ryan Davidson 2-1-3-14-3—23; 3. ACCRU, AUS812, G. Nixon / K. Nixon 11-7-1-3-2—24

Viper 640

(One Design 17 Boats)

1. ARGO, USA222, Jason Carroll 5-1-2-1-3—12; 2. Jenny, USA205, Zeke Horowitz 7-2-3-2-1—15; 3. Tumbling Dice, USA181, Tyler Moore 2-6-4-3-2—17


(One Design 7 Boats)

1. Velocity, USA008, Martin Roesch 1-3-1-3-1—9; 2. My Sharona, USA61666, George Gamble 2-1-3-2-2—10; 3. Spaceman Spiff, USA93, Rob Ruhlman 3-2-6-1-3—15


(PHRF 11 Boats)

1. Teamwork, USA52939, Robin Team 1-1.5-4-4-2—12.5; 2. Cool Breeze, USA60432, John Cooper 10-1.5-1-1-5—18.5; 3. Fearless, USA35029, Marc/John Durlach/Lucas 2-4-7-5-6—24


(PHRF 8 Boats)

1. Madcow2, USA46453, David German / Ed Ruark 1-1-1-1-1—5; 2. Temptress, USA50484, Robert Hibdon 2-2-3-2-3—12; 3. Smoky, USA999, Richard Zantzinger 3-3-4-3-2—15

Farr 280

(One Design 5 Boats)

1. Red, GBR007, Joe Woods 1-1-1-1-1—5; 2. Mummbles, USA009, Brad Kauffman 2-2-2-2-2—10; 3. b@ speed, USA005, Pete Hunter 3-3-3-4-5—18


(One Design 4 Boats)

1. Touch2Play Racing, CAN56, Rob Butler 2-1-2-1-1—7; 2. Deviation, USA24, Iris Vogel 1-2-1-2-3—9; 3. Easy Eights, USA2, Joe/Jeff Pawlowski 3-3-3-3-2—14


(PHRF 9 Boats)

1. Amigos, USA9, David Pritchard 1-1-1-2-1—6; 2. L’Outrage, USA73456, Bruce Gardner 3-3-2-1-2—11; 3. Mighty Puffin, USA269, Steve Thurston 2-2-3-3-3—13

Pursuit Race Spinnaker

(One Design 14 Boats)

1. Sole, USA63393, College of Charleston 2-2—4; 2. Defiant, BER212, John Streicker 3-1-1—5; 3. Azura, USA60454, Jamie Walker 1-8—9

Pursuit Race Non-Spinnaker

(One Design 15 Boats)

1. Destiny, USA213, Scott Strother 2-1—3; 2. Rooster, USA2519, Jay Rucker 3-2—5; 3. Bliss, USA52789, Randy Brooks 1-6—7