Rocking the rocks

Giants at the Charleston jetties

There must be some hot fishing stories circulating about the jetties these days.

I’ve fielded a few requests lately for copies of jetties-related articles and graphics we’ve run in past editions of Tideline.

No wonder. Fishing at the jetties doesn’t get any better than in the dog days of summer. Even in relatively small boats, anglers usually can scoot out to the rocks early and sneak back inshore before afternoon thunderstorms crank up. And you really can catch impressive fish there, from 10-pound sheepshead to 40-inch red drum.

Here’s some great info from Tideline, updated and reformulated for this space. A few things to consider before heading out:

Anchors slip, tides and winds change, ships throw wakes. It’s tempting to anchor as close as you can to the rocks (that’s where the fish are), but don’t put yourself in danger.

Anchors can be replaced; most of us who fish hard go through at least one or two per year. Don’t put lives at risk trying to wrench one out. Just cut it loose and call it an offering to the fish gods.

Though based on aerial photography and satellite imagery, this graphic should not be used for navigation. Stick to the GPS and charts.

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