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Heather Kamp

COLUMBIA -- South Carolina quarterback Stephen Garcia hasn't had the best of springs. There's simply been nothing spectacular about it.

So what better time to tinker with the redshirt junior's mechanics?

"Nobody ever has before," second-year quarterbacks coach G.A. Mangus said.

Mangus said this week that he, along with head coach Steve Spurrier, is working to get Garcia's shoulders better facing his targets.

Garcia has particularly had a tendency to misfire on short throws to his right. He doesn't turn his shoulders along with his body to make that throw, instead leaving them facing upfield. The throws wind up offline -- and often overthrown.

"The goal here is accuracy," Mangus said. "We've got to get him to be a more accurate quarterback."

Garcia completed 55.3 percent of his SEC-high 432 attempts last year. It was perhaps the area in which he needed the most improvement.

"He needs to be in the 60s," Mangus said.

"In this system, the quarterback needs to be in the 60s."

'The best quarterback'

Spurrier continues to drop little hints that Garcia's starting gig could be in danger.

Even if he's just trying to get Garcia's attention, he's working awfully hard to do so.

Spurrier continues to beat the attitude drum. Garcia hasn't had what he's looking for; newcomer Connor Shaw embodies the mental approach the Ball Coach is after.

"I'm prepared to play the best quarterback," Spurrier told ESPN.com this week. "Obviously, your quarterback has to have a strong commitment. He's got to reflect what the team's about, and we're having a tough time getting Stephen to really show that he's got a strong commitment to wanting to be the best quarterback and the best player and the best person that he can be.

"Hopefully, he'll change. But, thus far, he hasn't shown it."

Campbell excels

In a spring partly defined by injuries, senior lineman Terrence Campbell is a success story.

As practice began last month, Spurrier said he had no idea what to expect from the Atlanta-area native. But Campbell has excelled in coming back from a chronically bad shoulder, working most of the spring with the first team at right guard.

"I didn't know what the situation was going to be when we started hitting. I couldn't tell," Campbell said. "But I've been feeling great. I'm very, very happy."

Offense loses two

The Gamecocks learned earlier in the week they'll be without running back Jarvis Giles (hip flexor) and receiver Dion LeCorn (lacerated kidney) in Saturday's spring game.

Giles, as a sophomore, needed to prove something this spring, but he'll have to do so without the benefit of the final scrimmage.

LeCorn, as a senior and veteran, was going to be limited Saturday, anyhow. Spurrier had said he didn't want to risk another injury, considering LeCorn broke his leg in last year's spring game.

Spring game info

Saturday's 4 p.m. spring game will be abbreviated. It's expected to include two 12-minute periods, timed normally. A third 12-minute period will be played with a running clock.

The Gamecocks are expected to be without many starters, especially on defense. They're also trying to protect from further injury entering the summer.

Admission is free, although programs and team gear will be available for fees.