Nov. 8 Trident Fishing Tournament


Week 52

(All weights in pounds and ounces)


Amberjack G 32-8 Mark Bronson

Amberjack L 35-8 Cotes Simons Jr.

Barracuda G 32-8 Zack Lafong

Barracuda L 28-8 Sean Hunt

Blackfish G 4-4 Charles Wilson

Blackfish L 4-2 Ryan Torres

Cobia G 54-8 David Grafton

Croaker L 1-14 Ryan Pearce

Croaker UL 2-1 Andrew Payne

Dolphin G 56-13 Larry Lowe

Flounder L 9-1 Carl Smith Jr.

Flounder UL 3-14 Carl Smith Jr.

Flounder FR 3-4 Eddie Robbins

Ladyfish L 4-10 Bill Jones

Ladyfish UL 2-7 Eddie Robbins

Ladyfish FR 3-5 Eddie Robbins

King mackerel G 40-0 Brison Celek

King mackerel L 44-11 Will Adams

King mackerel UL 24-12 Lee Moyer

Spanish mackerel G 4-5 Austin Cangelos

Spanish mackerel L 6-3 Bill Jones

Pompano L 4-4 Bill Jones

Pompano UL 3-0 John Cooper

Blacktip shark G 101-1 Richard Warren

Lemon shark G 184-5 Nikki Colwell

Tiger shark G 303-3 Rob Colwell

Shark-All Others G 423-3 Monica Colwell

Sheepshead G 12-0 Chris Dutton

Sheepshead L 11-11 Bill Jones

Sheepshead UL 9-1 Gerald Grenier

Spadefish G 9-5 Gavin Jenkins

Spadefish L 7-10 Bobby Basha

Spadefish UL 7-8 Kenneth Bennett

Triggerfish G 11-1 Bryan Gulski

Tripletail G 9-5 Eddie Robbins

Tripletail L 12-15 Tucker Blythe

Tripletail UL 7-11 Steve Layton

Tripletail FR 4-10 Eddie Robbins

Trout L 5-9 Jason Knight

Trout UL 6-0 Jack Rider

Trout FR 4-2 Eddie Robbins

Tuna G 24-8 Daniel Culpepper

Tuna L 15-14 Heather Leman

Tuna UL 17-0 Read Wolfe

Wahoo G 96-8 Lucy Kersting

Whiting UL 1-7 Patrick Harrington

Saltwater Tackle Categories

General – Over 20-pound test line; Light – Over 8-pound through 20-pound test line; Ultralight – 8-pound test and under. Flyrod – 20-pound tippet or less.


Largemouth bass L 8-10 James McDonald

Largemouth bass UL 6-7 Mark Bostrom

Largemouth bass FR 3-12 Lynn White

Bowfin L 9-7 Ben Gwinn

Bowfin UL 10-2 Lonnie East III

Bream-All Others L 1-4 James Medina

Bream-All Others UL 1-3 Sim Thornhill

Redbreast UL 0-10 Allison Dupere

Catfish G 44-0 Lonnie East III

Catfish L 33-2 Lonnie East III

Catfish UL 30-0 Lonnie East III

Chain pickerel L 3-1 James McDonald

Chain pickerel UL 2-8 Allison Dupere

Crappie UL 3-0 Steve English

American shad L 4-8 Lonnie East III

American shad UL 4-4 Ben Gwinn

American shad FR 4-8 Lonnie East III

Shellcracker UL 0-14 Ronald Thees

Warmouth UL 0-10 Allison Dupere

Freshwater Tackle Categories

General – Over 14-pound test line; Light – Over 8-pound through 14-pound test line; Ultralight – 8-pound test and under; Flyrod – 20-pound test tippet or less.

Catch and release

Jason Schall 7570

Lewis Lee 1910

Will Stephenson 1350

David Murray 820

Sam Waller 570

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