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Brooks Stadium, home of the Coastal Carolina football team, will be the host for a bowl game in 2020, a report says. File/Derrek Asberry/Staff

Myrtle Beach has landed one of three new college football bowl games to be added in 2020, a report said Wednesday.

National writer Brett McMurphy reported on Twitter that the NCAA has approved Myrtle Beach and Chicago as sites for two of the new bowl games, with an official announcement expected Wednesday.

The NCAA on Wednesday also announced rule changes that will allow football players to play up to four games in a season without losing their redshirt year, and allow student-athletes to transfer and receive a scholarship to a new school without asking their current school for permission.

The three bowl new games will bring the number of bowl games to 43, including the national championship game. That means 84 teams, or 65 percent of all FBS teams, will land bowl berths, McMurphy reported.

The Chicago game will pit teams from the ACC and Big Ten. The Myrtle Beach game is likely to involve teams from the Sun Belt, Conference USA or the Mid-American Conference, McMurphy previously reported.

Coastal Carolina's Brooks Stadium, slated to reach 20,000 seats by the 2019 season, will be the site of the Myrtle Beach Bowl.

The site of the third new bowl game remains unclear. Arizona State has shown interest, according to McMurphy, who also sites Charleston and Greenville, N.C., as cities that have previously pursued bowl games.

Charleston hosted the Medal of Honor Bowl, an all-star game for college players, in 2014 and 2015 at The Citadel's Johnson Hagood Stadium. Medal of Honor Bowl officials decided in August of 2015 to pursue a "traditional" bowl game pitting two college teams, but the NCAA announced a moratorium on new bowl games in April of 2016.

"We're planning to put in a bid for a bowl game if the seating works out" at Johnson Hagood Stadium," Tom McQueeney, chairman of the Medal of Honor Bowl, said Monday.

"I feel like we're going to have a shot depending on what we can fit in there," he said.

The Citadel recently moved forward with a plan to put in 3,000 seats on the demolished east side of Johnson Hagood Stadium in time for the 2019 season, which would bring capacity to about 14,000. That's down from the stadium's former capacity of 21,000, and likely would require temporary additional seating for a bowl game.

"The interest is there in Charleston," McQueeney said. "The question is, how could we stage it with what's happening at The Citadel's stadium?"

The NCAA also set the number of bowl commitments for each FBS conference in the 2020-21 to 2025-26 cycle. The ACC and SEC each are allowed bowl commitments, and the Big Ten has nine.

On the rules front, NCAA Division I council chair Blake James, athletics director at Miami (Florida), said the rule change on football redshirts benefits student-athletes and coaches alike.

"This change promotes not only fairness for college athletes, but also their health and well-being. Redshirt football student-athletes are more likely to remain engaged with the team, and starters will be less likely to feel pressure to play through injuries,” James said. “Coaches will appreciate the additional flexibility and ability to give younger players an opportunity to participate in limited competition.”

The new transfer rule means student-athletes can inform their current school of a desire to transfer. The school must then enter the student's name into a national database within two business days. At that point, other coaches are free to contact that student-athlete.

Previously, student-athletes had to get permission from their current school to contact another school. The rule change "ends the controversial practice in which some coaches or administrators would prevent students from having contact with specific schools," the NCAA's release said.

"This will clean the process up and give more influence and flexibility to the student-athlete," said Nicholas Clark, a former Coastal Carolina football player and member of the Division I student-athlete advisory committee.

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