The owner of a new minor league baseball team in London, Ontario, is sticking to his guns despite mounting criticism of the team's name.

The London Rippers' logo features a menacing- looking man in a Victorian- era hat wielding a baseball bat. Jack the Ripper was the name given to an unidentified 19th-century serial killer who targeted female prostitutes in Great Britain's capital.

The unveiling of the new Frontier League team was quickly met with public condemnation, and on Wednesday the city expressed "serious concerns" about the name.

"We believe this name is unfortunate particularly in light of our focus on ending woman abuse," it said in a statement.

But team owner David Martin remained unapologetic, saying the team didn't intend to evoke Jack the Ripper's image and was merely looking for an "edgier brand."

"We knew it could be taken in different ways," he said.

"Everybody has to be a little less sensitive and let our storyline play out."

Martin said the man in the logo is "Diamond Jack," a mysterious, Phantom of the Opera-like character with an elaborate back story and the ability to "rip" covers off baseballs.

The name is a play on words because "jack" and "rip" are baseball terms, he said, adding that the outcry against it is "somewhat silly to me."

London Abused Women's Centre executive director Megan Walker said she thinks the association with Jack the Ripper is intended, and "appalling."

"How can you even avoid saying, 'Yes, it's Jack the Ripper?' " she said. "It's just dishonest."

"They either hired a marketing company that's completely out of touch with reality, or they're stupid," she said, adding that the brand is "inappropriate and inconsistent with the values of this community."